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Bronco I'm in guy, and just the guy who over shares to kids makes me laugh so hard. Great idea for a character. That's so funny just over over shares. And so I wrote the bit. So the very first episode of the pilot, they come back, say, my wife's life. They don't realize they've fucked everything up. Okay. And they don't wanna leave and they're almost like like guests. You can't kick off the couch, but they're from the future interacting with themselves. They're taking themselves out. They have a party name by my grandparents. All they do is smell them like it's like, and they invite Mr.. Bronner love Mr.. Bronco. That's great. And they bring Mr. Bronco to figure out time travel because he was their science teacher and so they the whole time they're back like, and so then when they leave, like we've talked to Mr. Bronco we got to figure it out and that's when they go kill Hitler. That's great. That's great, but but yeah, the. I wanna talk about wanna talk about. I wanna talk about your all the stuff you've done in Hollywood, but I really want I want to know about this Kogyo seen guy, and I, I'm, I'm like, I've always been the only guy ever knew from Portland, really. I don't know anyone from Portland. Wow. Now you in? No, you don't know, Ian karma met him once. Okay. Interesting guy because. I guess Shane Torres from Portland, maybe. I mean, he's originally from Texas, but yeah, he came up in the comedy scene, Mexico. We're going to be on this guys guys. He's one of them get him. What do you call himself like eskimo Meatloaf. Yeah, he. Like he came up and not from there, but same Ron funches. From Chicago from Portland. Oh, what part of Portland. Actually, you grew up in Holgate hole in southeast. He knew a guy. He knew some. I have a house on Holgate that I run out to like a family yet. That's insane. But I knew you were from Portland because of Bridgetown. Yeah, so, but I never knew anyone. I've been to the Portland seen a lot jar in Carmel. Chain. I gotta be Shane told me about fantasy everything. Yes, and I listened to an episode and I loved it. Yeah. Oh, you gotta go on and then I started promoting it on my podcast..

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