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On the list. Really good. One of the greatest TV shows of all time. Oh, yeah. One of the funniest most brilliant TV shows of all time it all happened because Garry shandling didn't get the gig. You know, what I mean like in real life? That's right. He was up for the tonight show. He didn't get it. And and so that's how Larry Sanders was created. We're talking about the TV a talk show hosts three one two nine eight one seven two hundred any favorite TV talk show host David Letterman, Letterman, right? Yeah. He's the best lead. Yeah. I get. I get annoyed by a lot of the other ones to be honest with you. I I've always loved David Letterman. Yeah. He was he was the best in his show on Netflix. Terrific. If you're if you're I have I have started watching that actually forgot I was watching that I'm gonna have to get back on if you need your Letterman fix because you know, when he was gone for a while. I was like, hey, Anita Indian he went out and just went out and grew the beard didn't care what he looked like a love them. But now did you ever watch? Larry Sanders on HBO. With Garry shandling. Oh, no. But I watched the documentary about it and learned tons of stuff about him. Yeah. He's well. He was he was just I mean, Garry shandling one of the best ever. But that Larry Sanders show was so funny and hilarious. Hilarious. Rip torn come on. Now. And his standup stuff. I had never watched either. Gary Shanley talking about not to get away from the subject, but gosh, man, his stand up was so good brilliant. Garry shandling was brilliant and taken from us walk away too soon. Yeah. He was a big e was I loved Garry shandling. He was one of those and it's Garry shandling show, which was on FOX. Where he broke the fourth wall and drove around the golf cart. In the theme song. This is Larry this is Garry shandling show. This is Gary sandy. The theme song. Right. That's great. But yeah. Larry Sanders was funny, man. And that whole thing that whole subplot involving David company. I mean come on now. David. David the company having a crush on Larry. It really is about you know. I mean, it's it's he's Larry Sanders is one of the most. You know, insecure people in the history of the world and that shown all the time. Here's what here's what they say about shandling new talk shows after a stint as a sitcom writer, he turned to stand up with successful appearances on the tonight show leading to a gig. As one of Johnny's recurring guest host in the eighties. Nineteen Ninety-two shandling mind that desk gagged create Sanders for HBO lampooning with pan. Accuracy, the glorious vanities of late night starring shandling as Sanders rip torn is already and Jeffrey tambor. As hank? Hey, now Kingsley the show was nominated for fifty six Emmys during its six year run. Wow. Today with more late night options in dwindling, big three network audiences. Celebrities, no longer have to genuflect before talk show hosts as they did to Sanders, but shandling skewering of the show biz narcissism and insecurity remain eternal. Yeah. That was that was one of those shows, you know, when. I would when when they would do marathons of them because sometimes HBO would just go to a whole weekend where it was nothing. But Larry Sanders on HBO. I would sit there for hours and watch it because he was just brilliant and all of the all of the celebrity. All of the celebrity people who you know, who would be on the show, they got it. They totally understood the the the sense of humor skewered themselves. I mean, obviously, the besides David Di company there were a ton of other real celebrities who who would be on the show and. Yeah. And it's great. It's just to this day. It's it's still very funny and still very timely today. Even though it's you know, they made it like twenty years ago. Over twenty five years ago was when it was really made I was trying to figure out why why did I ever watched that? When it was on. Because I think if he was on now, he I would watch it every single time it aired. It was during the time. I was overseas in different completely different. I just didn't watch this early nineties. Yeah. This is early ninety. So yeah. But it's it's out there, man. You know, I know what's available on on Blu Ray and on DVD and all that stuff. And I think that HBO has an archived on them. Now, the demand, and I would highly recommend it. If people have not seen Larry Sanders. It's brilliant, really, really brilliant. All right L. Let's see. Now, here's my my my favorite ever. I think I mean besides Letterman, but like. Craig ferguson. I adore Craig Ferguson, and and people who were regularly listeners to the show know that I actually kind of became a part of the show forgive put you in the band. Did. He actually he didn't. It was Josh Robert Thompson Jeffrey Peterson the robot. Skeleton, gay sidekick. But yeah, he named he named the drummer in the band, Nikki d and and I wrote emails, and they read they read but five of my five or six my emails on the show. So I was part of the the the Email and tweet part of the show a bunch of times. And then NICKY Di was was the drummer named after me. Now, the reason I love. Ferguson so much is that he just you know, he he would. He basically through the rules out the window like literally every time. It guest came on. You know, how a lot of a lot of the the game show urged the game show. The the talk show guys have those those blue cards in front of them that have all the questions and where they're gonna go. And he had you know, it's funny because Ferguson did have a staff who wrote those questions, but he never used them. Like every time a guest came out. He symbolically tore up those those those blue cards into pizzas and threw him over his shoulder. I remember him ripping up the cards. I always wondered if it was a bit. Like was there anything on there? But people actually prep them and you're right. And he's still torn up ready writing staff and tore up those cards, and then just winged it, and that was one of the brilliant things about that show is that it really up turned turn those turn the the cliches of your late night talk show on its ears. I mean, obviously, the the gay robot sidekick is fantastic. Josh Robert Thompson, providing the voice of Geoffrey Geoffrey Peterson and. You know, just no rules his monologue. He very I mean, he he had a monologue in again. This is like a, you know, a SAF of writers writing the monologue. And he does maybe two or three jokes that were written form. And then the rest of it is just him. Winging it. Josh Robert Thompson on the show a couple of times. And also my future ex wife, Dana de Lorenzo or did she work? There was on this show. She played she played Beth the CBS executive, right? Who who would try and stop the controversial stuff or the stuff that he couldn't get away with sensor wise, and she she was on the show for a long time. She also did the voice of the rhino one night. But I've talked Dana, you know, my future ex wife, Dan, Lorenzo about what it was like to work on that show. And she said it was it was. You know, just it's it was completely improvised, like whatever bits that they were doing they didn't rehearse them. They just did it right right on the air. And and when she did the the rhino, the voice of the rhino. They just sit here you're gonna do the voice of the rhino tonight. Just get go ahead and do it. And she had the same sort of gear that. That Josh Robert Thompson had operating Jeff Peterson. You know, he had like the remote and everything and she had to do the remote. And so they didn't they didn't prep. They're like, yeah. You're going to do the rhino tonight. And she's like what? But that's the way that that show was man. I mean it through the rules out the window and and. And he was brilliant. I mean, he was just he was absolutely brilliant. And it was so much fun to watch. And it was so fresh. And yeah, I guess Ferguson is way up there on on my heroes list. I love that guy. Let's see when Johnny Carson died. Ferguson had been hosting the late late show for less than three weeks. He was already working without a house band. And then he decided to do away with the other talk show conventions most important, no prepared monologue. No staged questions with the guest later motivated by what he called a deconstructionist's contempt for talk shows. He introduced his side kick Jeff a gay robot with a mohawk. From two thousand five until a couple of years ago. Ferguson was the best host on late night TV through a mix of intelligence honesty, swagger and wit. If late night is a club. I don't want to be a member. He said a Scottish board comedian picked by Peter. Lastly. The TV legend who produced Carson Letterman, Ferguson, fostered anarchy flirted, joyfully with actresses impersonated. Sean Connery played harmonica and had memorable serious moments. A lengthy interview with Bishop Desmond Tutu a poignant eulogy for his parents and a discussion of his alcoholism and a pledge not to make hack jokes about celebrities in in legal trouble because people comedy should attack the powerful and not the vulnerable. One of the most memorable. Moments in monologues that Ferguson had was. When Britney Spears was going through that that time when she was like, she kinda lost your mind. Has had shaved. Yeah. And she was attacking reporters and all that stuff and Ferguson came out. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. Ferguson came out and said that you know, we're not going to do any Britney Spears jokes. We're not going to do them. And he said because she's in trouble. You know, she's got she she had at that time. She had babies, and and he's like, I'm not we're not gonna do that. I'm not gonna do any Britney Spears jokes. And then he launched into. This. Searingly honest, absolutely beautiful speech about his alcoholism. And at that point. He had been sober for fifteen years at that point. He talked about how on Christmas morning. Nineteen ninety one. He was at a pub and. I'm Ben in regular fashion. News Christmas Eve, he wakes up on Christmas morning, and he's and he's completely still drunk and he's covered in urine. And as he said, I don't know if it was my urine and could have been anybody here. But but he talks about how when he woke up that morning. He's like that said I'm going to kill myself and about how he was gonna jump off the London bridge and kill himself. And so he went downstairs he was standing up in the room upstairs above the pub. And he went downstairs who's about to walk out and the bartender who ran the pub he slept behind the bar too. So it's not like I can't speak for his alcoholism. But if you're sleeping behind a bar on Christmas Eve, you might have a problem. So he's he tells the the the guy who's running the place. He's like, yeah. I'm I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go back home. When I go back home because he was in England. He's like I'm gonna go back home to Scotland he said he can't go back to it's Christmas morning. There's no there's no transportation you won't be able to get back. Once you come back in here and have a Sherry for Christmas morning. So, you know, in in in Ferguson's mind. He's going to kill himself. Like, this is it this is he's definitely going to kill himself. So he sits down he has a Sherry which turns into. A lot of Sherry's and he ended up forgetting to kill himself. And then, you know, a few more months went by. He doesn't remember much. You know, he jumped back into into being an alcoholic, and apparently he was doing standup gigs. He's like, I don't I don't remember them. And I bet they weren't good. And then in February he reached out to a friend who had gotten sober and said, the I need help I need help. And then he he got it. He got he got sober. And it was a struggle for him every day, but for him to to tell this deeply intimate story to show support for somebody like Britney Spears. I it's one of the most honest and amazing things I've ever seen on on late night television and meeting dared him to me, even more, and he was a real inspiration for me when I quit reckon like, and that that speech itself, you know. I mean, it's a struggle. It's not easy every day. It's hard to not drink. Sometimes it's worse than others. You know, sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's not it's tough, man. It's really really really hard, especially amount of booze. I was drinking at the time. But he was a huge inspiration. And I, and I you know, and personally that moment that that story that he told really affected me. And and I go back and every once in a while I watch just for inspiration like if things get tough, sometimes I go to YouTube, and I watched that Ferguson one of my favorites. One of my favorites. Maybe maybe my favorite besides. I mean, obviously Letterman is the king and Johnny Carson, you know, but but personally on a personal note. Ferguson made a huge impact on me. Not just because he was hilarious..

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