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In that i tried to fulfill the mission that each parent or relative bestowed on me and and that was to take a young person and help them integrate themselves into society as adults and become responsible adults do you see people getting less of that now or or do you think that it's just happening in a different way i don't a different way in this manner i think that the the the unique opportunity to help a young person take him by the hands and walk them along the path of life and as my grandma's said i know we're all potholes in life or and if you listen to me i can help you avoid some of them the thing that worries me so much today is is that from a basketball standpoint particularly is i think we we've lost our sensory sponsor ability to the whole person i think we spend too much time allowing kids to feel that the greatest values are our money and material and collecting things to me i think the greatest value that you can contribute to young person's life as it is to help them understand the relevance of education i have a huge problem with one and done because i think it'd devalued education there's no question that they're good enough athletically but there's an athletic component there's a spiritual component and and as an educational component and so much talk today vase round getting to a higher level and making large sums of money i always told a players making money is the easiest part keeping it in multiplying as difficult part and and so i worry today if historians aren't gonna treat us adults harshly because we did not embrace.

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