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Orders online for home delivery the law was initially a voter approved proposition but lawmakers approved a bill that replaced that measure to add more restrictions to it Jessica Rosenthal fox news socialist hard liners in Venezuela opening fire during a Saturday March headed by one glide who's recognized by the U. S. and others as Venezuela's rightful leader why don't trying to revive his campaign to oust hardline leader Nicolas Maduro first brexit and now a new baby on the way for British prime minister Boris Johnson British tabloids have called her first squeeze now she could be called first baby mama prime minister Boris Johnson's girlfriend Carrie Simons is pregnant she posted the news on her Instagram account the bundle of joy is expected to arrive sometime this summer the couple just got engaged at the end of last year they were the first on married couples to occupy Downing Street when they moved in last July the fifty five year old prime minister apparently hoping the third time's the charm he's been married twice and separated from his second wife in two thousand eighteen Christine Persichetti fox news the invisible man riding a wave of good reviews heading the weekend movie box office with about twenty nine million dollars sonic the hedgehog sliding to second place with sixty million call of the wild with Harrison Ford placing third with thirteen point two million I'm Paul Stevens and this is fox news here is your W. Z. F. G. three day forecast from weather ology dot com mostly cloudy skies are expected tonight as low temperatures drop to thirteen degrees and then a few those clouds will stick around into Monday with a high of thirty four Tuesday brings us down to mainly sunny skies just a few clouds thirty seven and we are looking at some snow moving in on Wednesday starting with sunshine forty degrees from the flank weather center I'm meteorologist Jeff Nordine on M. eleven hundred the flag currently it's thirty two degrees if you like rye bread your going to love what Billy charters baking now are three special rye recipes are the perfect start.

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