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That seems to be the you know the question as well and then you know some people look and say. Yeah but that's really scary. Look at ben. Simmons who shoo shooting not only didn't come around in some ways it kind of regressed in philadelphia and look how he was almost unplayable in the playoffs. The mayor back on. That is the ben simmons in some ways as an outlier that way for a lot of prospects they're shot does get better. Scotty barnes actually kind of underperformed at florida state compared to what we saw in high school and he had a sort of unique role coming off the bench at florida state on a little bit more of a veteran team about what he was asked to do and not asked to do. My bigger question is is. He going to be aggressive enough. You know looking for his shot pushing pushing his own offense and not just sort of distributing and creating for others. There were times when it you wanted him to attack more at florida state than he seemed willing to attack and is that a personality thing with him or was that just again the sort of role he was asked to play it for state. That seems to be the one question. Mark that that. I have a about about scott barnes. Will he score enough in in the nba and not just the shooting but will just overall be scoring enough to make him worth the top four. That's kind of. I haven't met number four. I'm picking the draft. What do you think about that. I think it's more of a feature than a bug because he was scoring at a decent clip. I mean get a low points per game in part. Because he's coming off the bench but he he he had a lot of great highlights where he would get to the rim and create and easy shot and You know. I think you kind of want a guy who can handle make their just make the right decision whether it's passing to open shooter or hitting the the the big on the pick and roller you know finding it opening in the defense and You know getting easy bucket. So it's like whatever decision he made with the ball headed to work out. Well for the offense and i think that's the priority over making sure. The guy scores twenty points a game and i would say he probably even created a little bit more offense inside the arctic than kate cunningham in the difference is is that he just doesn't have the outside shooting so it's definitely gonna be awkward if the shot doesn't come which is the risk you're taking which is scary and you know the top three top four but if the shot comes around and he's going to be able to shoot over anybody he can handle and you can probably going to be able to shoot off the dribble to I think that kind of gives them the missing element of offensive game. that kind of round. Some out really makes him a complete overall often to stud. I think the other guy that you have. Which i think is more consensus in that. That top group is is jalen suggs. Is that right. That's the other kind of at the top of the draft that you're that you're pretty high on yes Suggs is just a good basketball players. He get basketball like you. I think you have to worry a little bit about Exactly how guilty is because he wasn't asked to run the offense fulltime against aga- so it's like kinda more marcus smart role players. Maybe you'd have jrue holiday with better for step did you. Holly is a really good player. S yet he has a better for stepping can get to the rim a little bit more. That's really nice. Let's talk about a guy that you're not as high on a guy they the pistons have taken a look at it number one. A lot of commentators have the rockets actually selecting him at number two. I don't think you have him in your top five. And that's the g. League jalen green What are your concerns about. Green as a top-five prospect in draft. I just think green is a little too one dimensional. Now i get what people like east ninety nine percentile athleticism and when he has a good scoring play. It looks incredible. He has has highlight reel is probably going to be the best highlight reel of anybody in the draft and it's very easy to be attracted to that in his shooting at Can make an open shot We'll see whether he he's just a good shooter decent shooter in the long run but he just doesn't offer enough and first of all he's really small shooting are we. Don't have his exact dimensions each. I don't know maybe six five and very skinny and he just be on defense so much. I know he's playing fringe. Nba players jillian said of college players. But i sound ridiculous. I thought albarn shangkun's like perimeter defense in containing penetration looks better than jaylen greens. Because it just seems like he just plays matador nonstop and So right off the bat. We have to worry that whatever he doesn't offense you just to give it right back on defense and then the other problem is is that the best offensive players. Nba who really give you that crazy. Offense of impact like steph. Curry james harden. They're really great. Passers too because you know that's just as important scoring so. He's not a terrible passer. I mean he can find the remain make some decent time but he's definitely definitely definitely a score for guard so small with out the passing out the defense. It's it's it's hard to see how he's really gives you that like mvp upside and you can have a lot of bad outcomes. To and i think he could be like a devon booker. Act will be which is great. You know those are all star players right but i. I don't see that like top. Ten guy counted certain. Vp it's also zach levine endeavour booker also kind of not the easiest development devon booker is in the nba finals because he has an actual mvp candidate on a seaming. Chris paul he's not the number one is the number two. Let's talk about another guy that you're not as high on davey and mitchell and i think there is definitely more of a polarizing nature to in mitchell at not everybody's on board with him going as high as seven to the warriors where we having projected to go right now. You're much more. Bearish on david mitchell than most that you said. He has the reddest flag of the top prospects in the draft. What what's your concern with david mitchell. Well first of all your six one you need to be good it off. So he has a great defensive reputation but six players are never the best defensive players in the league and his offenses not that good for twenty two year olds. He just doesn't really have the best hand. We really struggles top. He's quick but he just doesn't look comfortable off derval even at age twenty two s kind of the point where it's like get us a great work ethic but he's just too far behind to really do much in. He made like like forty four forty five percent from three this year which is a big improvement over his low thirties last year. But he's the only shot like sixty five percent free throws so it yet shop probably improved but it most of that is just locking. You have a guy who can't really do much off the dribble can't really shooters okay or average shooter in Yes rely on is defense and then you have to worry. The defense isn't even that good because he's created pressuring the ball but that's just one aspect tencent and he he doesn't rebounded all. He hasn't played physical so he can still maybe get bullied and pushed around by other nba guards. Which is yeah you can stay in front of the those guys can just bulldoze over him and get to the hoop anyway. That takes away a lot too so you know he just has too many flaws for an older guy and just seems like is a great work ethic but just the baseline talent. Isn't there for a guy to be starting caliber. nba player. Maybe you'd be like a frame starter like a decent back. But i just don't see how you're getting a solid starter out ever so where. Where are you comfortable with with mitchell being drafted I've had some team. Say look if it's seventeen instead of seven. Then they start to get more comfortable at is are you. There are you. Are you than lower than that on on mitch. I wouldn't even take him around one. Because i i just look for all of the players who had his offensive struggles at age. Twenty one and twenty two and they're just really aren't any good examples. And i think the closest comparison czar christie hunting or watching guys. Were taken it around to you. Know they are kind of you know. Solid backups are low..

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