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Posted by Alex Williams there may be one in your family yes No good for the document the person who self imposed mission it is to take the picture start the recording when the camera in your face and hit the little red button maybe it's you these are some of the family documentarian I've been fortunate enough to me make a wish first our producer Matt Frederick getting ready to move this out of the house this is an old tan tape cassette that my mother found in cleaning out a closet leaf on the cardboard box ahead some old Dick developed in it I known as Papa his name is James Phillips he was recording this after he found some old tapes take the belt they had been crease Dan badly neglected that he wanted to find a way to transfer over onto cassette tapes I've tried to rig up the machine to the cassette recorder to see if we could pick up right his nears your mother and I can you know his first bit was probably recorded in nineteen fifty one I had brought the machine home remember to try to record data enjoys first word here are the facts my mother was born Christmas nineteen fifty every year popping granny would call to the minute my mother was born and wish her a Happy Birthday all the three year old son and I know early on when he was beginning to vocalize my wife and I had our phones out all the time attempting to capture this magical moment.

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