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Silly version of this that might resonate with some listeners. Or even you which is the progressive rock version of this bill through bird. Who's a famous drummer for. Yes one of the great progressive rock groups and eventually quit and joined king crimson instead and the reason why he gave was literally that when he was in. Yes like creating. He's having a good time but it was just everything was planned. And they would hyper figure out what note should be what key during what part of the solo and right. He told what to do and he said he went to king crimson. And just you play. You're supposed to know what to play their instructions given and that's very much like this sort of the progressive. Rock musicians were classically trained. It's very much the classical music music versus jazz music of ethos in some sense right right but the jazz i talk about jazz in china to try. You are just kind of playing what you wanna play. But if you're not trained if you're not trained that thing you're gonna play a stupid. It's going to sound terrible. So the only way you can solo at my a former brother-in-law's a jazz pianist and row. Okay and he you know. He plays very experimental jazz. And it's all about soloing improv. But he practices like several hours day. You know and his ability to improv is completely dependent on his classical training and and all of the work. He's put do it. So it's jazz values that spontaneity but it's because in some ways it's hiding all work that went into getting there i that is an issue that came up with me whenever i sort of Come into contact with taoism in particular but maybe also other kinds of chinese lawsuits. I want to dig into that. But but we've already talked about several schools of thought it cetera. I mean let's let's give the roadmap to our listeners like if is it okay to think of confucianism taoism as the two poles of this or..

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