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So that would mean two hundred million dollars of fresh cash into the business and some javadi good public so very similar to to an ipo structure but reversing into the money that was already raised and our big bet was we were gonna unit that was the capital the widow timidly get as that balance sheet we had a set of investors that it agreed evaluation which was a very good valuation and it was based on business model and the ability to take that technology and role that i across multiple countries so we had a a vision a plan to take all the ten years of lessons here in the us australia netherlands and belgium which recovered from a european business which is about thirty percent of our sales in the last year and rolled out across multiple countries so it's very exciting and it was nearly a reality and oversee we right on our road show when trump got elected surprise to the market any surprises terrible for a deal i'm sure we'll see will lucia the when it was specifically created sectorspecific wrist risk in extremis that became a dealbreaker for for the company and we were set up for that transaction we were we were really planning on that growth plan and and changing course room that was not a mathematical reality did you know when trump was elected and it was announced did you know in that moment that the deal and go through i spent the whole night trying to figure out how to persuade a market this would be good for solar and joking apart it's actually.

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