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Can let their anger light is the movie kevin sorbo has written directed acted image this is a ho the entire project sean hannity and executive producer in in part of this project as well you can check out the website get a let there be light movie dot com and it comes out in theaters october 27th so it's one of the top anticipated christian films of 2017 we're excited about it for sure kevin i want to ask you a question and think that's important so let there be light give a just a brief overview of what it's about what is what's the what's the kind of the the general piece of the movie well really gone away from if you've gone away from everything in his life he divorced power a year of one of his children that up pepper wipers very strong faith woman crying the you know the redemption of her husband who knew we didn't like that it didn't believe in that conflict metal new white but in any conflict with his creator and and ultimately witness tori lee who it is really a love story you know it something happened to him that he has a vision of some kind make questioning his old own worldview what makes him a question of where and what you mean curtis unlike with both cady and you know you will laugh movie you will cry this movie and you will eventually you will fan up here doug offer a lot of things that a lot of people put them themselves we've limitations on illegal immigration the people that quoted about opening you're getting limitations and being a better person and being the person that you were meant to be so let me ask you this every actor special someone that rights and has a part of riding a movie there's a part of themselves in this where where are you in this in your own real life what certainly in the latter half the.

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