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Naperville Drive, a new 2019 Cadillac Escalade platinum and courtesy vehicle savings of $20,042 Visit Cadillac of Naperville today. In lumbar, the speedway in North Avenue and swift to 26 a gallon at and Morris, the VP of division and Roll minds. It's 27 if you see a lower price Give us a call 23124094277 News time for 38 traffic and weather sponsored by a mega pro's home improvement, ever modeling and here's Neil. Having traffic continues on the Alp on side of the Edens before Tower two before Lake Cook a 23 minute ride out to the point in bond traffic is well being pretty well. The Kennedy out to Montrose and 15 minutes eight the express and 30 minutes to the airport, coming inbound heavy from Nagel before the Edens. There's a crash in the two left lanes, 40 in from O'Hare, 27 off the junction. On the Eisenhower out 27 minutes to get you to Mannheim and 40 out around 3 90 coming in about 50 between Round 3 90 the bird interchange and 37 in for Mannheim, The Stevenson Alp on 37 in the Tri state and 50 out to 3 55 in bond. 42 minutes between 3 55 and the drive 29 minutes in from the Tri state on 55 in will County. You're loaded up south bomb past Arsenal before River Road. Same north vomit. Ongoing construction That brings you down to one lane on the album, Ryan. 29 minutes to get out tonight, he fifth in Bond, 23 22 on the ALP on side of 57. Out I 80 and 22 on the album, Ford to get Youto 18 94 Lakeshore Drive South bottom backup for Michigan Avenue in Chicago and then your heavy from 53rd over 57th. North bonded slowdown past 18th over to Jackson Nothing major to report on the tollway's around the roads in northwest Indiana. Your delays continue in spots between I 65 the Bishop Ford Freeway pretty typical. You're next traffic report for 48 NewsRadio 7 81 of five point out of found BB evacuee. Whether having studied clouds the rest of Santa knew by 83 of its seventies and the lakefront.

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