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Stayed with Jason spit for a complete game in Game one against the Marlins, and then he wasn't able to go later in the series. Now is that on paper is that on Jason Schmidt? Goes. Yeah. Who knows? Who knows the way it goes. The bottom line is they escaped capital about this. How do you manage the back end of this season? You still have a chance to win the division. You have a long way to go. You don't see the Dodgers again. You see the Braves this weekend Padres for nine more games, a couple against the Rockies and Arizona. What do you change here at the back end game. I think we don't change a damn thing. We know that tomorrow is really important. It's like we say before every single game and we don't get too high or too low in the next 10 or 15 games, and we'll be okay. Yeah, Okay. We will be no change a damn thing. Yeah, yeah, I'm with you gave and again. Why would you have to Because they're so deep and because they're not a team like the 2003 giants that was built with guys like Ray Durham and Market streets. All these players where you absolutely basically they were out there playing 100 and five 360 games, Right? Like every one of those guys, they were just Innocent lineup. It was just the construction of baseball. The Braves are a team like that. We'll see him again this weekend, Friday, Saturday Sunday, they come to town, but they're one of these teams just sort of runs out the same lineup every single day, and that's Don't want to say it's an anomaly. It's just sort of the outlier in baseball. Now. You don't see teams that do that, because the Giants don't because they have so many layers and levels of depth to this roster. I don't think it's as big of a concern for how they finished the season. It is a concern if you end up in a one game playoff, Not in a you know, Division series after conclusion of 1 62. How about this one? Michael Stransky is a good guy here to hear from, by the way it is 23rd home run yesterday. First time the Giants had two players with at least 23 home runs since 2000 and 10 Aubrey Huff and want to rebate both had 23 back in 2010 right now, Brandon Belt with 24. Yes, with 23 Get to 30. It had six more in the next 2.5 weeks could happen potentially. Anyway, Here's Mikey Stransky, and they asked him. There's a guy who, obviously his grandfather, huge levels of success in his career. This guy who you know goes to the post season playing for Vanderbilt spends his entire career in the Orioles or Urbanization down to the minor leagues and doesn't sniff the bigs and obviously, then doesn't get to the postseason. Might just Rimsky. When did you think this moment was a possibility? What did you think? This goal of yours was going to come to fruition if ever get into the postseason at the big League level. Uh, honestly, for me. It was the day that I got traded here. Um, I know this organization is a great organization, and Farhan and Scott have done an unbelievable job of putting together. A group of great guys, great players, great people, and I think that's great people is the number one thing. Um everybody is. We don't have a bad egg in this locker room, and we're so lucky to have that. That you have to take a step back and recognize how specialist is because it's hard to find a group of 40 50 guys that are players plus 2030 staff members that all mesh together. And putting that together. I can't imagine how hard that is and how much people skills you have to have to notice. That, and to put that group together is is just incredible. Yes, really, really cool. It's really, really special and for a guy I would say for an organization to have that reputation that he gets traded over here, and he thinks Boy. I have an opportunity now to do something I've never done before. Not just to prove myself to a new set of eyes and get myself on a big league roster, but because it's a organization in a sense such great levels of success over the last decade. Feel like Maybe some of your personal and team goals can be accomplished here. That sort of stuff breeds more and more success. So we've got plenty more to get you on the other side. Still haven't heard from Buster Posey still haven't heard from Evan Longoria, Brandon Belt far on Logan Web. All these voices you're going to want to hear after the Dodgers beat down the Padres yesterday, 91415 checks and he says Cope, same old Padres. Come on, Why even go there and potentially piss them off. I don't think I'm the reason that the Padres could end of getting back into the postseason. By the way, the jackets already clinched a playoff spot, right? Padres are going to keep the Giants out of the postseason. I guess what you're thinking is maybe the partners can keep the Giants from winning the division. They certainly aren't helping the Giants out with the Dodgers. They get their asses beat last week town in Southern California, so I am too concerned about the Padres right now, By the way, you Darvish just getting torched last night, five runs allowed in the first a leadoff home run to Tommy La Stella Lamont way, Junior after the game was like, Yeah, man, You always got to be ready when your number is called like that a boy. At a boiling pot. You know what's going on, dude, another big, big game for him last night Giants by the way again, I said this earlier, maybe the most fitting way to clinch the playoff spot last night by rolling out six different relief pitchers. Don Leone gives you two innings curving Castro Harley Garcia exactly tells up there taking it back. It was a fun night for the Giants. All right, Chris Kelly, who was out there at the ballpark, seeing the Giants clinch as well. Murphy's calling him clinch Kelly Magic number to win. The division is 16 games. That's a combination of Giants. Winds and Dodger losses. Dodgers back in action tonight 7 10 against Arizona, Clayton Kershaw returned last night four and a third. They got to win. He struck out five did not throw a ton of pitches, but Phil Bickford came in in relief for Kershaw as the Dodgers get the win. 51 over Arizona yesterday will continue the giant celebration on the other side. I got a texture here, by the way, Dave, we'll keep saying I'm ignoring the Raiders. I didn't ignore the Raiders. The Raiders ignored you when they left again. You fell for it twice and I'm ignoring you. I don't think so. Raiders didn't win last night over the Ravens and the Ravens, by the way there next what you got there, Jeff? Here we go. The autumn wind. The autumn wind is ignoring you. That's what I'm getting at more coming up from the Giants victory..

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