Mass Transit, Debbie Kyran, Rashid discussed on O'Reilly Data Show - O'Reilly Media Podcast - Vehicle-to-vehicle communication networks can help fuel smart cities


Not a rashid become bealty mass transit should be on twelve four to limit private cars by maher it's very difficult to build infrastructure hincks hutus on bones crises but also between road so a female we can a senior time i dunno beyond tangy tangerine she's debbie kyran grown infrastructure netizens with these will be utilize much much better today the they drug costs deeper delange about two thousand two hundred vehicles per hour uh we've ultimatium meat shop critics that we could go to shower around three thousand two thousand five hundred vehicles per day per hour on we vehicles weirdo communication we can increase backup are seats or a thousand vehicles per line but hours so off he will you will see is that the control of the view on shooters will progressively go away so that your car can be bumper to bumper to a real yell salon you and i are super angry goes who added he actually your finger body cow makes sense right when wayne automotive started he was the same grows that the horses out and you know the charts on whatever hub using our buddy one when the same roadside it's only when traffic study to grow that the whole notion of transportation starting to occurred on building new roads and defining rules for you be given that rolls appeared than traffic continue to grow and at some point will realise will but not to out more infrastructure now we need to regulate infrastructure armed and.

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