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It's Corona virus vaccine. We need to have changed the protocol. We did have a conversation with the FDA. But I would put that in the matter of weeks in terms of how quickly we could do that. First. These headlines. Live from NPR news. I'm Dale Willman. The Supreme Court is temporarily blocked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's mandate. That place is a limit on the number of people who can attend religious services in areas deemed to be coronavirus hot spots. As NPR's Nina Totenberg reports, The deciding vote was cast by New Justice Amy Cockney barrettes. In an unsigned opinion, the court majority said that because Cuomo's order did not apply the same rules to essential services ranging from supermarkets, two garages and liquor stores, the order amounted to discrimination against religion. Even in a pandemic, the constitution cannot be put away and forgotten, the majority said. The dissenters countered that in the midst of a deadly pandemic, the court should stay its hand when rules are based on science, showing that transmission is far higher when people are in close contact for prolonged periods of time, particularly indoors. Nina Totenberg NPR NEWS Washington health officials are expressing concern that Americans who have ignored request to stay at home during the Thanksgiving holiday may cause a jump and coronavirus cases. Millions of people are flying and driving this holiday to be with family in Houston today, Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee cautioned everyone to remain vigilance. A lot of people think. Wow, the vaccine is coming. I can throw all of my being good behavior, just throw it away. You can't you will not get your vaccine toe way into 2021. You've got to continue to wear masks Continue socially distance. He was speaking to Thanksgiving food distribution event with a handful of race is yet to be called. It's clear there will be a record number of women in the next Congress, at least 141 beating the previous record by 14. But as NPR's Daniel Kurtz Leben reports that might not change how effective Congress is contrary to popular preconceptions, While an overwhelming majority of those women lawmakers will be Democrats The latest increase was driven by Republicans who will also have a record number of women on Capitol Hill. One common stereotype is that women lawmakers will reach across the aisle more often, but that doesn't appear to be true 1 2018 study, for example, will show that women lawmakers are no more bipartisan than men in their voting behavior or in co sponsoring bills. Women like men have incentives to be partisan. There is, however, some evidence that women lawmakers bills stay alive in Congress longer and that women are more likely to introduce bills in a few areas, including education and civil rights. Daniel Kurtz Leben NPR News, France has begun to collect a special tax again on big American tech companies, including Facebook and Amazon. The move follows resistance by the Trump Administration to an international deal. How to tax online companies. France had suspended the tax earlier this year. The tax brought about €400 million into the French budget last year. Wall Street is closed today for the Thanksgiving holiday markets will open tomorrow for a half day of trading in Asia. Investors were cautious. Japan's Nikkei index gained 9/10 of a percent. This is NPR. Three space kind of craft from Earth. They're closing in on Mars. As NPR's science correspondent Joe Palka reports to carry Rovers and one of the rovers has a helicopter. The rover with the helicopter belongs to NASA. The main mission of the rover, dubbed Perseverance is to collect samples of Martian rock that will be returned to Earth and a subsequent mission. But it will also test the feasibility of using a helicopter drone in the thin Martian atmosphere. The other rover belongs to China. It will detach from an orbiter and descended the Martian surface. A few months after derives once on the ground, it will explore the geology on Mars. The third mission is an orbiter only it will make measurements of the Martian atmosphere. That mission is run by the United Arab Emirates. All three missions will arrive at the Red Planet next February. Opelika. NPR news, While Julian assigns sits in a British prison cell, the mother of his Children is appealing to President Trump for a pardon assigns is waiting for a decision on whether he'll be extradited to the US to face charges of espionage. The judge overseeing his case says she will deliver her decision on January 4th. But Stella Morris treated the Trump appealing to him to pardon the Wikileaks founder. She said his two sons need their father and their family needs to be whole again. Court in Turkey is sentenced the leaders of an attempted coup in 2016 to life in prison. Hundreds of military officers, pilots and civilians have been on trial for their roles in the failed attempt. Which was directed from a Turkish air base near the Turkish capital of Ankara. I'm Dale Willman..

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