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Your knowledge man. We appreciate you on the podcast. Any time it's time for the pocket. Protector centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony with about six weeks left in the regular season. We're starting to see the playoff races begin to take shape the reds there. Surging the padres. They're flailing the yankees. Well they can't be stopped but what's most important going forward could end up being each teams remaining schedule the dodgers chasing the giants still but they play each other only three more times a week in series at the beginning of september. The yankees only have one more series each with their division rivals red sox and rays while the al west might come down to the astros and as playing each other on each of the season's final two weekends the wild card race however could be the most intriguing of them all the giants. Dodgers are pretty much locked into the first spot. But cincinnati in san diego will be fighting to the finish however the rest of the way. The padres have the toughest remaining schedule based on opponent. Win percentage at five seventy eat a full thirty five points tougher than the next closest team. Arizona they have a goblet in their final twelve games by the way play. The giants braves dodgers the reds on. The other hand had the second easiest schedule left at four sixty seven win percentage ten of their final twelve games are in pittsburgh in washington by the way only philly has it easier than the red legs however don't count out the friars just yet this season. The padres are thirty. Two and twenty two against teams five hundred or better the best mark in the national league and only behind houston in all of baseball. These final six weeks are going to be phone was a big week in the big leagues for is it fair from. Mld bro dot com. Here's jr gambling. Miguel cabrera became the twenty eight member of baseball's distinguish five hundred. Home run club. Jr is if foul or is a fair to say he's the last five hundred homer guy. The mlb will see in a long time. That's how that is a foul. Of course you have the young bombers. Like t's junior and flagged guerrero junior who almost definitely will get barron about fifteen years or more but i did come up with to legitimate names. That should get their pretty soul. Nelson cruz was forty two. But he rakes like he's twenty one still and believe it or not he needs jets fifty seven more homers to get to five hundred boy. He really crept up on us. Only two men however have hit even thirty five career home or starting in their age. Forty one season. That's carlton fists with fifty three and barry barnes who had fifty four. So no one's ever even gun would cruise is attempting to do but despite his age crews have twenty six homers. This season so age is definitely just a number any still cooking. So i see him banging down these last fifty seven pretty easily over the next couple of years. Believe it or not giancarlo. Stanton is already two thirds of the way to five hundred homers. He has three hundred thirty. Three home runs entering wednesday's game and he's just thirty one years old now. He's had a lot of health problems or it have even more home runs so if you figure. He's on the upside of his health. He should cruise to five hundred runs. That'll be five more thirty homeless seasons that should about do it or eight. More twenty plus oma season scattered until he's about forty he can do it either way. These guys are in a great position to become the twenty nine in thirty the sluggers in history to achieve a mark of five hundred career homers. That almost guarantee them hall of fame induction money into more money now. It's time for betting on the basis. With dave gas guy that money roberts on as we close out the month of august in style. Hard to believe. September is here and so majorly baseball's postseason return anyways as we close out this month. Look at the dodgers in rockies. Game number one friday night i'm taking the l. a. No matter what their hot pursuit of the san francisco giants for the national league west title dodgers needed to keep pace with them. Rock is been brutal. This season. Fourteen in forty-six away from the happy confines. Of course field dodgers in this one to stir things out on the other side of the american league tampa bay rays or holding up. Everybody now boston the new york. Yankees who've come on strong as of late some tick and tampa there in baltimore in this matchup with mike walker versus harvey in the affair and the other game. I'm looking at isn't atlanta's the giants and the atlanta braves the should be fantastic. Pitching matchup max. Freed will be going for the home team in this affair. He's eleven and seven this year. The era of three forty nine. I'm looking for atlanta. Hold off san francisco and get the w. and that contest it's time for trash. Talk twitter with your chance to trash many one or anything in major league baseball this week. The san diego padres were the target number one on trash talking but we pick this one from lloyd. Christmas seventy six. He tweeted me. This the padres are all hype. Third place in ano- west play like mother fathers. Wow i i mean other than curse words i get it. If you want your tweet to be on trash-talking next week make sure you hit me up on my twitter at rob parker f s one. When rob was the newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing i'm rippin. Let's bring a writer. Broadcaster older new analysis. Welcome into the podcast. One of my favorite people a friend of mine new york post baseball writer. Ken david chen. Welcome to the podcast. Rob is always an honor to be in a conversation view of any sort my man. Hey i gotta you cover all the baseball but we gotta talk about the yankees and their hot streak going into Wednesday night they have won eleven in a row first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty five. And what's been the turnaround. Ken for the bronx bombers then a few different things rob but i think it starts with their starting pitching. It's really superb. Even as garrett call jordan montgomery mistimed was cove. It and some other guys have been injured. The starting pitching is really lead the way then. I think you go to Lineup balance you know they even though. Anthony rizzo joey gallo or crushing it just to have those guys in the lineups make makes the apology manager thanked about you know what to do. Bullpen wise and then they've got a little more athletic talk about tyler wave. He's been stealing a lot of basis in this young shortstop andrew villas filling in for glacier torres who's injured.

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