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Team promoted the pittsburgh not paris event afghan authorities are still trying to determine how many people were killed today in a series of blasts at a funeral the ceremony was for a protester killed yesterday during demonstrations demanding better security as jennifer glass reports from kabul those demonstrations continued today the attack at the funeral is likely to anger afghans already unhappy with the government after wednesday's truckbomb attack they're holding a demonstration that's blocking and meter intersection in downtown kabul they want the government to step down and they also want security officials prosecuted for allowing attackers into the heart of the capital jennifer glass and kabul in the philippines authorities have released security footage of yesterday's attack on a casino police say at least thirty seven people died from smoke inhalation f after the attackers set fire to several gambling tables authorities say they don't have a motive but as michael sullivan reports from manila they say it wasn't terrorism police are the gunman's identity is still unknown but insists he was not a terrorist the attack not connected to the ongoing battle on the island of mindanao between the philippines armed forces and militants linked to the islamic state a fight that is now in its twelve day and has left at least one hundred seventy people dead the islamic state calls the manila tucker one of its own police insist he acted on his own security video shows him entering the casino torching the tables then retreating up a flight of stairs to a nearby hotel room after exchanging fire with security forces police say he them set the hotel.

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