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Welcome. To the Krypton report, DC Phantom part one that's right. If weren't aware of it, DC split their amazing online fandom into two separate days. The second part coming up September. Twelfth Right Yeah And so this one was more focused the first part more of just some video games and the Warner Brothers film side with a few other panels here and there. And there is so much to cover. So much and I couldn't talk to myself because that's boring. So I had to bring along the other to the mighty, the magnificent, the marvelous Mr. James Cole, the third you. And finding his way through Gotham through the darkest streets. That man that marvelous wonder. That gorgeous take. Congressman King. Brian. What is up fellas. I ran out semester. Mustard. So we got quit. We got like a couple little. News things to hit real quick before we dive into them. First thing I want to say his last night I, preordered the digital of Superman Man of tomorrow. Is just because I needed some superman in my life you know it's been dark depressing just the world and just kinda stressful Some personal stuff going down kind of stressful in things into. It dropped this morning slash last night. So Sunday at midnight, I get a thing to say my prieur is ready. I have got to watch it today. 'cause I was GONNA. Watch it with the kids but we didn't get home 'til later. But yes. So that dropped but I did happen to just check it out, required and watch the. Show what comes next? And what I found was interesting was the premium for the next animated release isn't for Batman Death in the? Family. It's for one. We didn't even know was coming. which is Batman. Soul of the Dragon. Batman. Kung Fu hustle I mean basically, a has bronze tiger voiced by Michael J. White, which is amazing. It has a Richard Dragon air over. His Brian Tiger From. We have Richard Dragon. Whose voiced by Mark Cosco. Who if no one knows that he was in a? John Wick three rate. Was it two? Is Three. It was it was in John. Three. Yes We have lady Shiva voiced by Kelly Hugh. and. Then what's ironic is the man who is voicing Batman is David. Giovanni teague Devante I can't pronounce name. You people know this he played the main character on grim. He was the actor that I had wanted to. He's the actor I wanted to be Batman. On the CW. One because I always thought, he would make a good Batman when I watched grim. to He's a television actor and three his wife already on the CW as Lois Lane. So you just kind of like, Hey, I'm going to go work on CW. where she is. But he's voicing Batman on this, which is kind of funny because I've been wanting to be Batman. Cobra is the villain and it's going to have a very seventies bruce. Lee Flare. So it'll be cool. You know it's one of those that's produced by Bruce Timm? Kinda makes me think of Gods and monsters. Good I've only ever watched it once. Was, very br Bruce. Tambo's very one off. but I support the films. So I'm definitely GONNA be checking it out. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited because I think oftentimes, we complain about that movies not shown to gain detectives. And I think the other thing that and. And there's a movie coming out relief shows aching might be a detective but I think often we also forget how great he is at fighting and martial arts and different forms of combat. So I'm excited to see even though it's animation I'm excited to see what they're gonna put together I. Think it's going to be something. Really Cool. I agree it'll be fun. It'd be different even though it's Batman because we talk about it look every movie releases Superman Batman. This this flares spices it up a little. Sound I I am I am a little I. mean nothing gets babbling Superman I would like to see. You know some flash. greenlanders somewhere whether these days. I mean. We're on a podcast called crippling report. You know but all in all I would like to see some of the other DC caters they are wonderful great cages that I do. Love and cherish so. We have an affinity for you know the best doesn't mean that there that a lot of a lot of them are great as well. Exactly So. That's something that just kind of popped on my radar last night. So that was cool. You know. The other thing was there was the big release for the. The Free Joker documentary did you guys get a chance to watch it yet? No No, I didn't. They kinda showed an abridged version during fandom which was interesting. They showed the whole thing. I'm not sure the kind of walked away during it and did a couple of things but. It was free on I tunes. I'm not sure where else and it was cool. It was really cool. Called put on a happy face and like I told my wife I'm like. I don't think they made anything new for that documentary other than the voiceover because every interview or little thing that I saw. I? Think. I've seen in other things before other. Other new segments which just proves to me how quickly they could put one of these together for every DC character. It's just like a something, a sighting to see. Specially for. Ones that are in the the movies you know. Something like that could have been on DC universe. You know 'cause they made that really great one for Aquaman..

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