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C to 95 moving south bound after Benning Road. We'd have one broken down block in the left lane. Unclear if that's still there. The delay seems to have eased new issue with the new parameter closure in the security perimeter will be West Bound Freeway. As you pass the third Street Tunnel. There's no access to Main Avenue that remains closed, as is the top end of the 14th Street Bridge headed onto lower 14th. It is closed between 3, 95 and L Street you'll find in the Third Street Tunnel, the North bound ramp to see ST U. S Capitol. Exit nine that off ramps blocked the North bound 12 Street tunnel's closed between the freeway and Constitution Avenue closures along Independence Avenue between Third Street, Southwest and Second Street. Southeast Constitution Avenue closed between 23rd and 12th Northwest. And between First Street, Northwest and Second Street, North East. All the numbered streets across the National Mall will remain closed through Inauguration Day. Full list at w t o p dot com. Now you will find We've got some slower traffic to deal with right now. As you ride in Virginia. It is the slow lane on the George Washington Parkway. As you move down toward the end up that actually eased. We've had heavy traffic. Going toward the inbound 14th that I've delay has disappeared were good in Virginia. Otherwise, 66 was a little bit heavy, Coming eastbound just west to 29 Centerville. This is out of the rest area in Manassas. Large amount of dirt had been spilled in the far right lane. It's the only delay out of Gainesville headed east toward Roslyn and back. 90 five's looking good between Fredericksburg and Springfield should find your lanes open. It was accident activity westbound on Braddock, roadies to Shirley Gate Road and a crash South bound on 2 34 Dumb Freeze Road After Purcell wrote, you should have only a single lane. Getting by 11 Metro stations are closed today through next Friday morning. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery. Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle. All closed trains will continue and not stop at these stations. You'll lose two more stations tomorrow through Friday Morning, Metro Center and Gallery Place Jack Taylor David E. T o p traffic and Let's check your Get Our forecast with Chuck Bell. You're enjoying your drive. Start to your Friday because it's going to end with an increasing chance for rain drops. Today's guys turning cloudier and cloudier with time temperatures of Eventually reaching around 50 for a daytime high today, But your rain chances are at 80% between 5 P.m. and midnight tomorrow. Your Saturday another dry start tomorrow and morning, however, another chance for a raindrop or even what Snowflake tomorrow afternoon, But temperatures on Lee reaching the low forties Sunday.

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