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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Barbara Klein New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he's expanding antibody screening to help determine when public life in this state can resume and he's prioritizing first responders and other essential workers but as NPR's Amy held reports the World Health Organization is warning antibodies may not provide an answer testing positive for corona virus antibodies is not a free pass to getting back to life as we knew it that's the message from the WHL in a new scientific brief it says there's currently no evidence showing that those who have recovered from covert nineteen are protected from a second infection it comes after Chile announced it would screen people and green like those with antibodies to return to work the W. H. O. says that risks further transmission many countries have begun rolling out antibody tests as they seek answers about the effects of the novel virus and its spread testing in New York City suggests as many as one in five people may have already been infected but the WHO's says when it comes to determining immunity more research is needed Amy held NPR news another meat plant has been hit by the corona virus Tyson fresh meats near Pasco Washington has tested more than a thousand workers and more than one hundred of them tested positive the northwest news network's Anna king reports workers process the last of the plants meet yesterday Tyson workers were concerned that they were still cutting meat a day after the company announced it was taking a pause after their shifts workers lined up in the plant's cafeteria to get tested for corona virus health officials are saying they're using phone translation services because about a dozen languages are spoken inside the plant wala wala county health director Megan to bolt says workers are tightly packed to go either it's pretty mint with pretty much the perfect meeting ground for code nineteen and a complete public health nightmare the book says now workers will isolated home while they're waiting for test results for NPR news I'm Anna king Oklahoma is among a handful of states that started to ease lockdowns yesterday but Oklahoma City mayor David Holt says his city's timeline differs from that of governors Kevin stent I was very clear with him you know some of the things he wanted to open we're actually yesterday on the twenty fourth and I I could not have been more clear that we were not going to do that in Oklahoma City and we did not consider that to be wise defense secretary mark esper is considering a recommendation by the navy's top officer that captain Brad crozier being reinstated as commander of the USS Roosevelt he was removed over a leaked letter demanding an urgent response to a corona virus outbreak this is NPR live from KQED news I'm queen a Kim you see them from time to time ads promoting dubious health products KQED's Rachel my row reports Google will soon require those advertisers to verify their identities in a blog post Google said the new policy will be phased in over a few years so if you were hoping for a crackdown on corona virus fakery this does not appear to be it that said Google and other platforms have teams tasked with deleting fake corona virus news and promoting credible sources Google has been running a similar self verification program for political advertisers since twenty eighteen Facebook the world's number two digital ad seller also requires political advertisers to verify themselves but not commercial advertisers yet my my to my row KQED news San Francisco based gap incorporated said it stopped paying rent for April for stores across North America the move comes a month after the clothing retailer for a load a majority of its staff in the U. S. the new should Chaudry is an economics professor at San Francisco State University she says the retail giant's cost saving measure could portend for more shuttered stores an empty malls if there's no demand.

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