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Working with Reggie on softer landings tried it Reggie was to over schedule. I mean between Spanish lessons tests club and taekwondo and swimming and Chilean barely even had time to just stop and smell the roses in anyway. I don't even think colleges look at all that extracurricular stuff anyways. So it's really meant that you had rich taekwondo, we tried it all taekwondo karate. But let me tell you this pigeon. Couldn't even do the rain, and he never really got into that whole wax on wax off things. Yeah. Okay. Well, what will anyway now that we're back in the lab. Let me compare our observations from that school in Helsinki with a study that was done by the American Academy of pediatrics he mean that St. GIS group of doctors that looks after kids. Yep. Pediatricians and And the. the academy of pediatrics does lots of research on things that are helpful for kids like giving them more recess. Yes. In fact, many in a study published by the academy, the pediatricians wrote that recess time is crucial for kids, and that it provides cognitive emotional social and physical benefits hot knitted benefit. Yes. So good for the brain and good for learning and emotional benefits. Yeah. Good at helping kids. Stay happy and grounded in social benefit. Yeah. Good at helping kids. Learn how to get along with other kids. Okay. Got it. And you also said physical benefit. Yup. Good at helping kids. Stay healthy and strong. That sounds like an open and shut case Sherlock. And which really cool is that other schools in Texas are watching eagle mountain elementary school to see the effects of more recess on the kids. Well. While you were taking notes in Finland. I put together the perfect plan for school here, take let's see here. Bill rings recess snack. Then platinum discussion on the science of recess and some more recess than a Matt study on the average time it takes to get from the classroom to the ground, then another recess break them lunch. Mindy? I'm I'm not sure the American Academy of pediatrics white had this in mind. Well, I just thought I would make some of my own scientific recommendations. Well, this sounds like like a plan come on. Let's get some hot cocoa towns. But first let me just Coleraine kick this bouncy ball into Mr. Mia backyard. What?.

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