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Mainly. He's going after jake. Where anderson wants. Jake or logan vitre jake make sense logan to make sense god. Don't they're tough fights with those young boys. Tough night man. That's really really tough. And so for the forty dollars fucking fight did. That's a fun fight. Who do you think has it be. Tough right on veto veto. Look pretty crazy. Assume vetoes a slight favorite. But i think jason fight tommy next. Expect to bet on it. You did say that. He's real boxing. Right yeah yeah. I don't know if he's in keep financial guys but does towards a tough. Wanna give by because tyron woodley didn't get the tattoo and also like said you're supposed to get a tattoo regardless of getting a rematch. You haven't even gotten the tattoo and you're supposed to get it if you lose five phone. And now he wants to do it. Justice rematch. He wants to go for a furious brother. Yeah all right. And the forty million that he's offering canola. How could even i don't think he's worth forty million trailer. This thing is sloppy. Because i know i think canal had one zone so you have the zones to mess with trailer. I guess they could put up the forty million. He's doing forty million out for reason of cave unified canal. Wh what do the forty million purse which just jeez. I don't know how they're coming up with this much money. They won't be around to you. It didn't seem this how this works up. This is before the boxing match sylvan. Talking about dana white and george. Cpr dana white says george. George can't go to boxing because of the contracts authorites. Yeah so this is anderson talking about dana. Nothing coming from dana. Surprise me brother. I would like dana to free him from his contract. He's in shaped confided. There's no reason why you would keep him stuck. Just egos ridiculous. That's my pianist ridiculous. Let the guy go. I think they would let them fight if it was an on trailer. He can't stand trillo until keeps talking. Shit oh okay. that's fine. So i think with trillion just doesn't want to give them any sort of satisfaction. Gotcha it is kinda jacked up. The right 'cause so even here the the head of trailer. Brian calvin saying like george saint-pierre. He made it clear that he's never coming back to enemy. Yup so why not just freedom let them make the money especially if he's in shape right now and ready to go yelm curious. What the contract boxing. There's no caveat for boxing. Dana ona's boxing rights. There's something to do with the that. One rule to fighting must just incorporate every just encompass like jiu jitsu wrestling boxing mixed martial arts. I remember something about the elliott says. If it's boxing it's different so you should be able to do it. I don't know maybe it takes a lot of legal work niagara with canada says ironclad contracts. Yeah said earns will the highest paid as they get to fight. Someone considered to be on his bucket list. Because dan white says he can't just wrong agree. Yeah he's not gonna go back gotovina's at middle and movement art. This is probably the saddest news that girl you know that would be a c. Yeah not for she. She passed away. Get you man. Yeah she was the nicest lady of all time. I think the you'll see like staff like susie and like who else read harris There's tons and tons of people that make the usc work. I'll see dan as the face of it. And he gets a bad rap for the way treats fighters. But it's not like that when you see like everybody who worked for the afc is so down to earth and so nice and so helpful and they realize that you're you're going into a steel cage underwear to fight another grown man and you know the week of the fight. You have to do promotional stuff. You gotta get makeup on. Do these interviews. It's it's high stress man but susie would always make you feel good would always make you feel good you such a special person. They in she just been around the sport so long she would know like if you're real quiet. She knew not to bother you. She she just she read the room better than anybody and she was so fucking nice man such a shame such a show i am i i. You're not gonna find a anyone who's ever encountered. Suzy worked with her. Has been around her. Say a bad thing about her she so she was so nice man. It's so sad anyone that i follow. They pretty much all posted about Do it's so tragic moon. This is dan. Hardy kinda going in hard on tyron woodley. Here's his whole going to get a fight with them or you. Just you just doesn't like how we handle the fight Did with dismissing radio. Boys who. I liked him he goes. He looked like a second choice in hearts already. He looked like a second shit the other week. That was very embarrassing. The resigned annoyed about it is that he vowed exactly what i thought was going to happen. Expect more from him like dude. You're nearly forty games not going anywhere. You're you're emma makers done you've got a guy in front of you that's been trashing. Your mom been talking a whole heap of nonsense for how many months. You've got eight rounds punch in the face and you're already half punching him through the ropes and then you don't put your foot on the gas because you're afraid of being vulnerable That just looks week to me. It looks weak. Waste people's money. I get it. I get some of it too but he give it. It's also i don't know and this was the going the fight it's like if woodley like releases the hounds and goes full board and you know brisk himself get knocked out but in order to get a knockout if the risk the not. Yeah so there's only one way to get it done. And i think woodley was like dude. I ain't in knocked up becoming a meam. I'm going to get this paycheck. Vineland great. If i don't i'm not gonna. I'm not getting knocked out like that. That'd be the most ambitious thing possible so you just never went for it. He's never went for it. I think he would have a rematch view. Went for it. i really do. Okay this this is pretty much out of the blue. So travis brown actually has a podcast now. And it's i as i guess or wonders. I guess was dana white. Make sense and this talking about fighter pay. He's basically on dana white side of of course okay who go You guys always pay me what you say you will pay me and most of the time. It was actually more all these people that are complaining about it. They're just talking shit about it at dinner day. I'm the one that signed the fucking contract. And then i'm gonna turn around and bitch about it or i'm a bitch about it fucking report or something like that about a tour. That doesn't make sense to me as a man. I signed a contract. If i wanted to get paid more because they have always been up front about it. Hey if you're free agent go find a better deal always felt like i was part of the when when one of my we had a bigger alfred but i was like listen the best fighters in uc. I'm not trying to be level fire. I'm trying to compete against the best. Guess always treat me right the payers as been there again. It's always spin at least what the contract was most of the time. It was more people. They're complaining People in the media that don't fuck in here that they hear the little bits. That's crying complaining because you get these entitled people are i. Don't know where the fuck comes from. It's like just whining a little bitches. And then they go to more a little bit about it. There's some truth in this where it's like. He did sign. The i get that you did sign the contract..

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