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President Trump, Senate, Special Counsel discussed on On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria


Rhonda strip. President Trump's comedy for attorney general's prepared to tell the Senate that it's vitally important special counsel. Robert Muller be allowed to complete the Russia investigation in remarks prepared for his upcoming Senate confirmation hearing Ed obtained by the Associated Press bar will say I believe it is in the best interest of everyone, the president, congress and most importantly, the American people that this matter be resolved by allowing the special counsel to complete his work bar will also say that it's very important that congress and the public informed of the prosecution team's findings correspondent Wally Hindes reporting. President Trump's rejected a short term legislative fix for the partial government shutdown declaring he'll never ever back down. Mr. Trump rejected a suggestion to reopen. The government for several weeks while negotiations would continue with Democrats over his demands for five point seven billion for a wall along the US Mexico border stalemate enters its twenty fifth day. A federal judge in Philadelphia is imposing a nationwide injunction that blocks new Trump administration rules on birth control funding from taking affect of Philadelphia. Judge says many people would lose contraceptive coverage increasing costs to them and to the state if more employers were allowed to opt out of providing birth control on moral or religious grounds of federal judge in California issued a similar ruling this weekend for his district. Pennsylvania's attorney general calls this victory for the health and economic independence of women, but a spokeswoman for the department of health and human services says no American should be forced to violate his or her own conscience to abide by laws and regulations governing our healthcare system, I'm Jacky Quin house. Republican leaders have moved to strip congressman Steve king of all committee. Assignments the move follows a firestorm of criticism over racist comments. He made more at townhall dot com. Are you a stalker options trader looking for real training strategies that you can use a measly? Hi, my name is Scott Bauer CEO prosper training academy. And I'm on a mission to become the number one options. Coach in America..

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President Trump, Senate, Special Counsel discussed on On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria

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