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62 with sunny skies the low Tonight 39 Tomorrow's I with mostly sunny skies. 65 degrees. Your weather is brought to you by how rare on its 7 27 years. Paul Calvi's He was sports. Jim, Do you remember when Steve Nash showed up like 15 years ago? And what happened to the sons? They went from 20. Something wins. The 60 wins just like that. Now, I'm making any sort of prediction like that, but risk Paul with tough Bucket and once going to be good with Chris Paul Running is the point guard. Now, how about last night? He just 18 minutes in his son's debut, but he had five points to board six assists. Good, really good. Shoot on right scrimmage. Fact is not really an army. So it was good to get up and down. Sons lost to Utah. Whatever. It's the preseason what you like CP? Three Way we shared the ball. We play well and sparked the thing about our team, too, is that we got a good spirit. That's something that you can't really coach or fake. All right, stay too. Now. Now one The Cardinals. Here comes Jalen Hurd suit just beat the Saints with the Eagles, the rookie quarterback Heisman winner after Karla won the Heisman in Oklahoma coach Cliff I've known jail in a long time, tremendous person and player and a great athlete, and you could tell just the way he carried himself in high school. He had a special future. Last year's M v P. Lamar Jackson, Miss. Most of the fourth quarter is in locker room. He comes back out leads to scoring drives up to the two minute warning. The Ravens come back, beat the Browns 47 42. And that is sports focal BCN key to our news. Play your way this fall at Harris Option, Cassie. Let's start with all the stocking stuffers who loves stuffing stockings narrow it.

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