Superbugs now also becoming resistant to alcohol disinfectants


Catch John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty Ken is away coming up after four thirty My story of trying to get into the country from Mexico I was in Mexico the, last four days is my son is taking a semester there and I tried to leave Mexico and enter the United States yesterday And I got. A story for you I was about ready to. Crawl over the border. On my doubts I would've loved to have been there and and, documented on Facebook we live in the stupidest nation on the planet It. May be the free station the richest nation but it is the. Stupidest maybe they wanted to keep you in Mexico It seemed that way And I can tell you. This without a doubt the Mexico City airport is about a hundred. Times better than LAX LAX is not. Even a third world quality LAX is the most disgusting dysfunctional government entity that I have ever. Seen in my life It is unbelievable what's going on there the TSA knows how you feel so they were As the least I'll tell. You okay so. It's a story coming? Up after four thirty I'm surprised. That wasn't deported You're. Probably like one of these cleanliness nuts right well yes? I use Pierrel. All the time that. Alcohol based sanitizers yes. Do you know you are creating more. Powerful infectious disease. I, don't care I need to be I need my. Sanitation I need my no Oh. It creates a more. Powerful more deadly infection. I don't believe that I'm, not gonna stop using it you don't you. Don't believe it now I. Don't say this this is this is? The whole? Problem the, entire, country how many people. Use these hand sanitizers things. Happened right still no there's. More people dying I'll explain this to you this story. Is from London there's multi-drug resisted superbugs that. Caused, dangerous. Infections, in hospitals hospitals use the. Sanitizers all day and night right, right well they're finding more and more these infections are resistant to antibiotics and it's. The hand size IRS and the. Disinfect instead. Of designed to stop them There is a new wave of superbugs These super bugs have genetic changes that. Have happened in the.

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