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Hopkins university in Towson university are mending their normal grading policies to account for the historically unusual spring semester colleges and universities across the state are turning to online learning for the rest of the semester and tend to contain the spread of covert nineteen with kids distance learning and parents a lot of them now working from home internet connections could be strange though there are some things you can do to potentially speed things up thank god for super fast to well a crawl here's a couple ideas for improving it let's start with the old school technique of just plugging your computer directly into the modem also if the kids are always on their smartphones and you have an unlimited data plan after you plug it in just shut off the home's wifi during work hours so you get full reign of the internet not an option will look at your set up for wifi is your wireless router on the other side of the house consider moving it closer also read booted that can sometimes speed things up finally if you're brave enough to log into your router's settings enable quality of service R. Q. OS which allows you to prioritize who and what gets the most band with Mike Morello WTOP news along those lines videos on YouTube will now default to a standard definition for all users worldwide it's an effort to step down from the typical high def definit def definition that is to ease the burden on the internet infrastructure C. N. N. reporting to global change which was announced and began rolling out Tuesday is expected to last for at least thirty days as millions of people stay home amid the corona virus pandemic it was a lot of experience being cooped up alone with limited contacts astronauts who you gonna see in outer space right so it makes sense that a former NASA astronaut is finding similarities to his long stretches in space and the confinement that many people are now experiencing Michael Lopez Alegria of northeast DC is a former commander of the international space station the overarching messages to stay positive born in Spain raised in California and a graduate of the Naval Academy Lopez Alegria is concerned about the well being of Americans and family members in Spain certainly unprecedented in our lifetime but I'm confident that we'll get through it the former astronauts as he was briefly lord outside his Capitol Hill neighborhood this weekend by a neighbor's music and heartened by the albeit tenuous human connection and I listen to you know for a while and when I came inside I was surprised at how much my mood had improved just by that slight contact Dick you only on WTOP news stay with us just ahead on money news working from home creates some niche markets it's one fifty four we've got all the news right I'm a stop you right there I see you about to settle on a day doughnut for breakfast well this is a check intervention because me chicken biscuits and chicken McReynolds so just hit the drive through and change my life for breakfast wake.

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