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Hospitalized in New York grew by its smallest number in weeks everybody is assuming well once we get through this we're done I wouldn't be so quick to assume over the last few days in Brooklyn admissions have declined slightly but the fight continues social distancing appears to be reducing the spread but just how contagious is the virus and is there a risk to re opening society too soon without a better understanding of how easily it can pass to each other people or Steven Portnoy put those questions to the White House response coordinator in light of new government research using data from Wuhan China researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory arrive to the conclusion that a single person with the virus can on average in fact about six others that's twice as many as scientists had previously assumed Dr Deborah Berke says it'll take much more study to determine coronaviruses true reproductive number the only way to do that at this point right now is to get the antibody tests out there Burke's believes many if not most of come down with the virus haven't even gone to the doctor we're seeing the significant cases Steven Portnoy a CBS news the White House you jobs numbers out today continue to paint the economy in a downward spiral nearly seventeen million Americans filed for unemployment between March fifteenth and April fourth CBS news business reporter Jason Brooks with claims numbers for the week ending just last Saturday a staggering number of Americans are filing for unemployment benefits as they lose their jobs during the corona virus outbreak the government says initial jobless claims topped six point six million nearly matching the total from last week which was revised higher to six point nine.

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