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CAS website. You've got this advisory board that spans lots of entrepreneurs entrepreneurs very senior company executives people in entertainment any think about that specific network and how you use them each ones different right so we have thirty people people are firm really as twelve people on the team in each person investment team is working with a managing different advisors for different goals in so you have some people who you really just want alike bring to certain things because they bring people around them. If you want to be around especially couple of entertainment guys of they're going to be at something. It's easier to all right and it's easier to get the get access to things where whereas others others are specifically really really helpful for getting deals done in a certain part of healthcare certain parts of finance or whatever what's the to go back to the old Michael Lewis expression. What's the new new thing right now in the valley. I think the most important question in metro capital is what's possible now. That wasn't possible five years ago right because if you want to invest in ridesharing we did before the phone it doesn't makes sense twelve thirteen years so as you had done it within a few year window to really make a lot of money on it and so I think right now there's a few areas but right now the most exciting setting area to me is the renaissance in Biology. You're seeing going on what particular aspect of biology is turned in a lot of areas into information sciences while as well as just like a life science science and so it used to be in the valley. You're either life science guy or you're an. It guy but they're literally platforms that can do things to sound like science fiction right now like one of our companies simply. Go is the leading gene any other company and there's a data network effect so they've got much much more accurate than anybody else gene editing which means they can engineer cells. Nobody else engineer which is also selling sells directly people say Gimme the cell with these twelve thousand people ordering from them now and that's growing an amazing speech and it turns out. There's always do cell therapy. Do things like that and then there's because of newsouth therapies there's other our tools is a whole another company. That's this sorting sells a billion in a time using semiconductor technology and it turned out that applies time tens of therapies and there are saving lives with ads. There's all all sorts of these things that you never would've even thought of doing five years ago there possible now. The list goes on in terms of these kinds of biology. It crossover thanks so when you have a set of opportunities retuning. How much do you dive into just that sector and then just keep going deeper. or how much do you kind of bet on just one company when opportunity well so. I think there's a lot of things going on sectors actress. We've built a team rounded and we spent a lot of time on my doubts about twenty five percent of what we're doing as a fun. I'd say within the Renaissance and Biology area right now join over time can change so I want to get a a little bit time turned some fun closing questions. What's your favorite hobby or activity outside of work family while my favorite hobbies probably policy work we're trying to do nonpartisan partisan type things where he right up legislation or other things that are trying to help fix the government..

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