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Enjoy working with folks who have a a long sales cycle in sometimes complex product. So that's why I've dealt a lot in software. I mean, Airbnb for work is effectively a software platform. You know, they're, they're not a travel company. Their product is a piece of software, so so I tend to work late with folks like that secure works confirmation dot com. These companies that that have a great product that performs well, but they need to explain something very complex to folks. I have been very successful in my career at at breaking down the complex and making things a little bit easier for them to move along. I think also something that differentiates me is not afraid to buddy up to the sales guys. I see sales and marketing as a partnership that has to work together. Sometimes it's very contentious, but you know, I can't succeed as a marketer for inlet seals is out there closing, you know. So. So I, I consider sales my kind of my number one audience, and if it's not working for them, it's not gonna work for me. So. So those are two ways that I've differentiated myself. You right there. There are a lot of content folks out there and you can create content until you're blue in the face. But in order to create create the right content that actually creates value for your user, that's it's a touch more difficult. Yeah. And I think it is those useful things, whether they're little tools or you're doing someone's job for them, coming up with a policy framework, saving them enormous amounts of time trying to figure that out. Yeah. And these are folks who were spending, you know, this isn't a pack of gum on by, you know, I might be, I might be, you know, spending millions on software platforms that are going to impact my company for years and years to come. So so yeah, I enjoy those kind of high stakes. I don't know marketing opportunities where you can actually dive in and show people the value that's there. I love that kind of stuff and, and you know, I've, I've been lucky enough to work with all these these great companies in. So we have lots of success stories coming out of it, and there's nothing more gratifying to content guide than it. You're like, wow, you know this. This piece of random content that I've found on the internet or was presented to me in a paid ad actually change the way that I work. That's that's very validating to what I do. Great. And we're two people go to learn about you your company and your work. They can reach me a DJ at DJ Francis dot com..

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