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If this had a two trillion dollar price tag in other words it blew a two trillion dollar hole in our budget my plan would reverse those toxic trump tax cuts and give a hundred and fifty million Americans who are rice credit a tax increase I am actually redefine what. fifteen million Americans at tax. so how's. he was pretty amazing so so happy about all the winners they're over there on the left running like right now I'm dating Rosario Dawson right away he begged for dollars this weekend because he was like we need to raise I forget the amount it was a crazy amount like four hundred million dollars I mean it was a million at least a million histories of by certain point in order for him to continue on with his campaign like so he's already talking in language that would imply that he knows it's winding down yeah like it's that hit he's at the desperate for him yeah it's bad so I mean guys wired you into me why aren't you in to me. bad it's really not all right so we have sick right now yes okay what we talked about what we got some great sound from campus ones yes she applies the SmackDown and then also there is news about Malani and scissors was earth shattering so important as we can you guys stay tuned for that yesterday yesterday.

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