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Says many other chinese immigrants have done so to any time you it's an attorneys restaurant in china town for like only that somebody in that roster and has a child who is in china at the moment you may say college is set harvard university says no one knows exactly how many chinese ever been family send their baby cb race in china that's probably why she started a research project on what some psychologist call satellite baby's they usually come back to us in time to start school researchers say you can find similar arrangements among immigrants himself asia africa and the caribbean i think a lot of times it's about survival and people's need for survival in a globalize dinner leslie long a sociologist on the university massachusetts boston is another researcher on the project among chinese immigrants she says sending sell a baby's is a choice made by not just working class parents but also those in the middle class what they share culturally is that in china there's often yeah expect a shown that grandparents will take primary responsibility for caring for their grandchildren to allow out there on children to work long as a growing up far away from that by law to the parents may not be traumatic for all satellite baby's but some social service providers like yo yo gal the boston chinatown a but center are concerned that parents and children are often not prepared to be reunited in the us children may not be ready to leave their relatives in china and those years apart sometimes the to result meant that separation this is sole had feet for the parent of bay at because they say i'm the pairings here you should love for me i love your how we can not do it but the charges can that's why yeah i'll has organize parenting classes.

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