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Petition what is the petition say exactly where recalling josh newman because because you didn't visit beat yes because he voted for the car and gas tax hikes it's the very first sentence the very first cause of faction that we laid out so there's there's no way a reasonable person could misinterpret the petition that they now who's to sign now now in its offensive it's a lie it's a frivolous lawsuit and this is just and yet another reason why this guy's got to go on top of the fact that he hired paid bullies two standard one of stores to scream and yell at his his his own constituents who showed any interest at all in signed the petition this guy this guy really epitomises what's wrong with politics and politicians now known and and you know he he literally should be left out a court we feel pretty comfortable about that but we're ready to defy fended every step of the way now they're going to say that signature gathers may of shouted out things like stop the gas tax think he's trying to use that as a hook it's like well this petition can't stop the gas tax that's where the the misleading comes it no actually been quite clear about how are all whole effort is about stopping the car and gas tax because step one is to send a message to the state senators in the state assembly members that they've really stepped in it on this karn gas tax hike what better way to do that then to fire them one by one by one starting with state senator josh newman and so yes we want our ultimate goal is not just a fire josh newman our ultimate goal is to use the recall all to strike fear in the hearts of these state legislator so that they reversed themselves like they did back in two thousand and three when gray davis was recalled from office the state assembly in state senate convened and reversed the the car tax that was enacted back during that period all because of that one recall and we wanna do that again but we also don't wanna just put over eggs in the recall basket that's why we're moving forward with the statewide initiative.

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