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Trial of former minneapolis. Police officer derek. Chauvin is entering its third day. Chauvin faces murder and manslaughter. Charges for killing. George floyd last may by kneeling on his neck for nine minutes and twenty nine seconds on tuesday jurors her chilling testimony from witnesses including darnell frazier. Who is just seventeen years old when you used her cell phone to film the killing of floyd her image was not broadcast on the court television feed because she was a minor at the time of his death. When i look at george floyd luke. My brother cousin uncle because they are all plaque. I have black brother have friends. And i look at that and i look at how that could have been one of them been nice. I stated apologizing for not doing more and these interacting in his life. It's not what absolute he's now eighteen year old daughter. Neyla frazier testifying at the trial of derek chauvin. Who she says should have saved. George floyd

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