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So the Yankees have this pretty comfortable leader up seven to three in the ninth and you know they're cruising people are even thinking about, should we bring in Domingo's Vado for or seven on the United pronounce lessening, but. Seven to ring seven for the ninth inning. I taught about. I mean, there's like. Okay. Well, we don't really have anyone else to pitch, but you know. So it's either shreve Chavan her seven, but. They bring in Chapman. Vado I think is I don't know. I'm trying to think twice people forget that when I covered this on Anki in twenty fifteen, he was there and we had a great relationship. People do forget that you're correct. Adam Siro Strada some others anyways. So Chapman comes in and he hasn't pitched in a week. That's why they wanna leave some work. And he's been battling this whole knee thing all year, which they keep saying it's not a big issue when it definitely is an issue that needs to be addressed because it it's coming up way too frequently. I feel like. Saying something on this, you should probably an issue completely. I mean, in every walk of life the way you like when you say, oh yes, Nobile we deal. It's probably deal like he got it address so he walked plucky to start the inning resolve your reaches on the infield single, and then tikey comes up pension for Matt den Dekker. Tie Kelly is hitting one hundred on the year. He I'm almost certain I could get Todd Kelly out like he's, he looks so fragile and small at the plate like in. So like lifeless and China walks him on four pitches, none of which were close. All fastballs. Nothing's close. Then Jose Reyes comes up. Jose Reyes might be the worst player in all baseball walks on four pitches. It's seven, four. I'm like, sitting in bed what is going? I'm going to screaming what is happening, what is going on? It's just like it's, it's like a nightmare. Just unfolding getting worse and worse. You don't get any worse. And then brand name comes up. And of course he gets hit by a pitch and it's. Five and still no one's warming up. No one, it's seven, five of the base load. Nobody. No one's warming chasing. Shreve gets hot, comes in real quick changes, freeze coming. I Chavin through eleven SRI balls. Eleven is so hard to do. How do you get pulled for chasing trees? It's time to revaluate on things like probably it's a big issue when you get pulled for chasing shreve. It's a match. I, I love Chapman. He's awesome..

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