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The very first time i've ever talked to you tell you what one of the most delightful people i've gotten to talk to you about golf golf magazine as well form on twitter at jeff underscore ritter wo kay what'd you make phil all right well i here's what i think i think phil just in that moment on saturday as trickling away at as he hit this pot going downhill hit you hard it's going past i just think he got frustrated and i don't know if it was frustrated themselves frustrated the usda for you know the the baked out setup and you just kinda lost it for a second and i think he he kinda jogged ahead took a stab at the ball and gotta lost his mind i would have liked to seen him just kind of say that afterwards as opposed to suggesting that you know people who have a problem with what he did she toughened up i don't know i don't know that have a problem with the axe so much as i do the explanation i would just like to see him kind of own it and i think that would just come up more genuine and it might it might have already moving past a controversy a little bit faster i think if if bill showed a little bit more humility after the the facts but i'm not i'm not necessarily a rule curious where you know i'm i'm deeply offended by what he did it's more just i just don't think it was the type of thing you do in a in a major championship at the highest level of golf and you know but at the same time everybody has bad moments everybody gets mad everybody doesn't exist regret i think i would have liked to see them show a little bit more regret and military after the fact i think and i think you know if you're going to deke them or not that kind of a separate debate but you know the usda there were rules in place in golf that they could have applied a rule that said that they chose to fly when the catch them in tournament you know.

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