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It's Colorado's Morning news with April and Marty Bach's 31 pinpoint weather right now 57 in Denver with a high coming force in the low nineties. Another chance of afternoon thundershowers will be in the nineties at least through Saturday, and then a cooling trend Now on Colorado's morning news last call for alcohol in Colorado is changing. Governor Pole is taking action yesterday. Due to the spread of covert 19. That means last call now going to be 10 p.m. instead of 2 a.m. For at least the next 30 days, The governor says. The upper trajectory of cases has made that necessarily watch where it's sad. If somebody could guarantee us that we could stay exactly where we are, for several months, we would be in good shape. The problem is it's nearly doubled in the last two weeks. And so what we can't afford is another Dublin. And another doubling write Thie governor especially concerned about the spike in cases in people in their twenties, and he believes alcohol may be playing a factor in people not taking precautions like social distancing. The action on last call is expected to be in place before the weekend. A spike in cases of covert 19 could also impact some relaxation and other regulations and more than a dozen Colorado counties. Kaylie News Radio's Chuck Clark has more on that Marty. 15 counties received a letter from the State Health Department warning them that they could face tighter restrictions if they don't reduce the spread of Corona virus. Those include Denver Douglas Wrap a whole Adams and El Paso counties. Kill Ryan is with the health Department. What is it? Steak is our economic stability. If we can control the spread of disease on a county level, it reduces the need for statewide disruption. Last week, Ryan told the county's about increases in cases, and now they have two weeks to reverse that trend. Or they could lose the state variances. Eight have just reverted back to the current statewide, safer home order. Denver says it's increasing night staff to increase enforcement. Arapahoe County promises increased covert 19 messaging and education through social media, says Ryan. Our early warning system has begun to blink Red Chuck Clark away NewsRadio President Trump reviving his daily Corona virus briefings departing from the previous White House narrative. President Trump in the White House press briefing room, giving a sobering assessment of where America is in combating the Corona virus. Some areas of our country doing very well, others they're doing less well. It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better. Something I don't like saying about things, but that's the way it is. More than 141,000 Americans have died from Cove in 19. So far, the president was optimistic about several vaccine candidates, calling the results so far in trials encouraging in Washington, John Decker Fox News During that briefing, the president urged people to wear masks and had another warning. When it comes to night life in America. We are imploring young Americans to avoid packed bars and Other crowded indoor gatherings. Be safe and be smart. Are he and governor Pulis on the same page? The president says his administration is monitoring hospital capacity in states experiencing spiking cases. Some hospitals in the South have already hit some dangerous numbers. Covert 19 also creating another problem homeless camps around Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says more people are coming in from the suburbs because a lot of the surrounding suburban community their shelters of clothes during cold bitch. Lot of shelters were driven by older adults who are more vulnerable, susceptible to the corona virus, and as a result, they shut down because of all appeared have gone home to protect themselves. Mayor Hancock says the city is trying to take steps to reduce the sizes of the camps. However, officials can't take them down altogether. Denver is revising its mask order to align with a similar move made recently by the state. But there are still some differences. The city is going to continue to mandate face coverings for everyone over the age of three. State order puts that age at 11th and older and a Denver operators that public indoor spaces must also have signs up at all. Interest is alerted people to the mask mandate in those signs have to be up in enforced by next Tuesday. If you're still struggling to get unemployment benefits, the state is making more changes to its system. To remedy that the department is expanding its services with virtual assistant software. The new program has had more than 115,000 users sessions since it was launched last week. It gains intelligence as questions or opposed to it. Request a pin requested backdate to reset your password. Change your address information. The accuracy rate has been as high as 97% if those answers aren't enough climates who need to discuss issues that require sensitive personal information. Now schedule a callback session, The department has answered at least 18,000 requests so far. Still, many with approved benefits like Lisa are concerned. They won't be able to be scheduled for the $600 boost and assistance allowed by the pandemic Unemployment compensation program before the July 25th deadline. Even if you're determined eligible after the 25th if it's for any weeks, you're out of work prior to up to the 25th you will get those benefits retroactively, and if you're still having problems Is getting your claim approved. Whence we determine you're eligible to receive those benefits. If it's for any weeks unemployed prior to July 25th you will get that $600 wait. Federal benefit amount. Fox 31. Shell Turner reporting. Take it with a grain of salt. That's what Colorado Congresswoman Diana to get is saying about the early successes in covert 19 vaccine testing. The congresswoman shared a subcommittee meeting that featured updates from drug companies on the efforts to develop a vaccine. While some victories were being reported to get, says Americans must remember that quote plenty can still go wrong. So the anticipated timeline is not a guarantee. As we work to find a cure for covert 19 U C. San Diego researchers may be getting closer to delaying the Aging process and their studies of yeast. They've been able to control and lengthen the life span of the cells using a computer to re program and modify its DNA. Senior researchers say that this means they could potentially re program how human cells age and delay the aging and extend the human lifespan. They planned to run their research through multiple trials and eventually try to try it on people to potentially extend human life. And finally, Tio.

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