US bishops: Sex claims show US cardinal's 'moral failure'


Ron. Hersi eighty eight, degrees mangoni park eighty. Nine degrees in Margate congress sending a very loud message to China, in its efforts to, obtain. US technology US Senate approving a seven. Hundred sixteen billion dollar defense spending Bill. With bipartisan support the house had approved it last week President Trump says he will sign it senators are taking. Another look at foreign influence on US social media election interference, from abroad represented intolerable will salt on the democratic foundation miss Republicans built on North Carolina Republican Richard Burr says four and actors are continuing efforts to influence u. s. elections Nothing underscores that. Fact more than yesterday's announcement by Facebook that they've identified over thirty new accounts That are imposing chaos in the virtual domain Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire says she's not surprised by the recent news from Facebook now that it's not just about. Hacking into electoral systems and state registration systems it's also about sewing divisions. Within the country among politicians among average citizens the remains of what are believed to be more than fifty American MIA's from the Korean war are heading home today at South Korea's Osan, airbase defense. POW m. i. a. accounting agency forensics specialist John bird says the remains appear. To be legitimate remains from the Korean war they are likely to be American remains They are quite. A lot in fact we're the largest We've ever received North Korea handed, over fifty five boxes the, Harrisburg Catholic diocese in, Pennsylvania releasing the names of seventy-one priests and religious officials. Accused of child sex, abuse since the nineteen forties Bishop Ronald gainer told reporters a new, website was launched today to provide a list of priests deacons and other officials in my own name and. In the name of the Diaz in church of Harrisburg I express profound sorrow and I apologize to the survivors of child sex abuse gainer added that they will. Waive any confidentiality rights reached as part of civil settlement I take this step so that the. Survivors can feel free to tell, their.

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