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Once again to check Wall Street with Tracy jonky at Bloomberg good afternoon Tracy Good afternoon art investors clear path to trade with China for big. Industrial companies at. Least Boeing three and Caterpillar and United. Technologies are. At. The top of the Dow's gain. Is up one hundred forty three points about half a percent to. Twenty five thousand four forty nine NASDAQ's up forty nine points SAP's up sixteen and. The Bloomberg WBZ New England index is rising almost one percent they're talking about resuming trade talks Bloomberg news reports the US and Chinese officials are looking for. Ways to re-engage in negotiations. Trade tensions may have held back spending. On, pricey durable goods like appliances in June but consumer spending on services rebounded and the Commerce Department reports consumer spending overall increased in June by four tenths percent that was. Fueled by incomes that grew to. Match business reports, dating, thirty eight past the hour I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business. On WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty thank you Tracy WBZ news time is two ten. And here, we We go again Facebook says it has found dozens of. New fake accounts and pages that, are trying to influence this year's midterm elections Facebook says it is disabled thirty to Facebook and Instagram accounts company officials said they have not been able to link those accounts to Russia US intelligence officials have said Russian agents try to influence the outcome of. The two thousand. Sixteen presidential election President Trump tweets. That three d. plastic guns being sold to the public doesn't seem to make much sense. So he's looking into it nine states are suing, the Trump administration over its decision, to allow a Texas company to publish downloadable blueprints for a three d. printed gun it takes effect tomorrow CBS's Tony dokoupil says opponents worry that a plastic gun is undetectable by metal detectors doesn't have a serial. Number and requires. No background checks incredibly controversial because on. One side. You. Have people saying this is an, invitation to criminals A. Terrorist, bad people of every stripe and on the other side of the conversation you have second amendment absolutist saying this is. Our guarantee that no one will ever be able to curtail. The second amendment in this country it is our right Senator Ed Markey is. Among the Democrats responding to, the president's, tweet about allowing designs for three d printed guns to be posted, online No MR, president it doesn't make any sense and it doesn't make any sense the yard Justice department. And your State Department agreed. To make three d guns available to the public Massachusetts congressman Seth Moulton and Rhode Island's David Cecil Leany are introducing a Bill today that. Would ban the three. D. printing of plastic, firearms WBZ news time is to eleven and. It's time now for sports Tiger Woods is going to play in the Dell technologies championship over Labor Day, weekend that TPC Boston, in Norton that's according to a Globe report a formal announcement is. Expected today and now with more on sports WBZ's Adam Kaufman in, the ticket dot com sports studio the MLB leading Red Sox try for their fifth straight win tonight when they host. The Phillies, at seven but they'll need. Some help from struggling south Padre Pomeranz to, get them there the left is, just one in four with a six ninety one ERA and he's allowed at least four runs each of. His last four games in fact bomber ends is given up twenty one runs his last twenty one innings drew this is in the wake of a seventeen. Win season what's. Going on having a month or whatever on the deal you know coming back and, threw the ball pretty well you know three eighty seven pitches and may two bad, pitches, but,.

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