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Seeing this Martin because it's an expensive event to begin with. Food costs a lot here. In the hotels are more expensive around here too. Talk a little bit about just, you know, we talked with Sid davidoff. Davidoff earlier about the economic effects, hundreds of millions of dollars that come to New York City Martin. What are some of the other costs that you found that have gone up in relation to the U.S. open? Yeah, well, we talked to the U.S. tennis association and they told us that they were seeing an increase in fair food costs in the 15 to 20% range. But that they were trying not to increase prices to attendees by more than 10% wherever possible. We had also inquired around about hotel costs in the area. And some were reporting rate hikes of 20 to 25%, depending on the day in who's playing. So yeah, it took the U.S. open just like it's hit every other part of the economy. And what's the average ticket costing? Well, it really depends on what browns you come. Okay, I'm sorry, yeah, Martin, what did you hear? I'm sorry. I kept in the same time this morning, and they were saying that following Serena's win last night, the lowest price feats on their reseller website went from $321 to $435 this morning. So Tim, you weren't far off about the getting in on a $400 ticket. You went on that one. The most expensive feed went from about 7000 to $9000 on game time. Wow. Okay, what about celebrities here? Molly, have you seen any? Walking around. I see a lot of them on TV when they're watching, and it seems like the Serena matches are the place to be seen, whether you're a former president. Or a very famous golfer. I mean, I personally have not seen them. I think tickets are routine just described in a different bracket than mine are. They have a different entrance, maybe. But you do have you do find when you go in to watch a match. Martin, go ahead, come on in. Oh, I was just going to tell you guys, I mean, most of the celebrities are sitting in Serena's box. You know, they were there by invitation like Tiger. But I just wrote an article overnight, actually, went live at 1 a.m.. Because I was counting up all the celebrities at the game last night. And you know, so who was there since I Jared Leto, Laverne Cox with mistaken from Beyoncé, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Dionne Warwick, and a win tour, Hugh Jackman, Queen Latifah, and Spike Lee among many others. So yeah, it's been a start studded occasion. The most fascinating I found was that the Bill Clinton showed up with Dr. Ruth Westheimer. So I love that. Don't you wish you were a fly on the wall next to the two of them and just the conversation? Oh my God. And actually in the article I posted last night. I have the video, the two of them, you know, talking among themselves. I think cheered on Serena. So yeah. Well, you can feel the excitement, right? Molly walking around? Oh, it's been throwing in the celebrities to me or more of the tennis players that probably no one else knows who these people are. So I've been very entertained. So sitting with Molly, she's like, that's so and so player. That's so and so player. I want a picture. Martine Paris, U.S. consumer reporter at Bloomberg news, and of course Molly Smith, she's our economics editor here at Bloomberg. Thank you. All right, from New York City to Washington D.C. for world and national news with Nancy Lyons hey Nancy. Thanks, Tim, a federal judge did not rule from the bench today after hearing arguments on Donald Trump's request for a neutral third party to review documents seized from the former president's home. The Justice Department says Trump has no right to such a review, the judge says she'll issue a written order at a later time. President Biden will be addressing the nation tonight in prime time, Bloomberg government's Patrick says Biden wants to focus on the importance of protecting our democracy. I don't think there's going to be a specifically new message, but the fact that he is taking this on the campaign trail, giving a prime time speech and making this, it was seemingly a central aspect of his focus on the campaign trail heading toward the midterms. I think is very significant. Bloomberg's chat fist Patrick says Biden news is using symbolism to boost his message, speaking tonight from Philadelphia's independent national historic park where the constitution was signed. Thousands of asteroids as big as the Washington Monument are zipping around our solar system at 40,000 miles an hour. Congress wants NASA to find them, the Biden administration says it can wait. First, the odds of one of these objects crashing into the earth are minuscule. Still, Congress told NASA to find 90% of them by 2020. So far, they found about half that. The Biden administration has proposed delaying the launch of an infrared space telescope by two years and sharply cut its budget for next year. Congress is pushing back and the debate could flare up as the September 30th government shutdown deadline approaches. In Washington, I made me more as Bloomberg radio global news 24 hours a day on air and

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