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The lars have problems what's his own community no surprise but some big silicon valley guys put in seven million dollars at least probably more by now rate hastings and a bunch of others in i e for a large trying to get them up to number two but it looks like it's not selling well we'll say there's a whole bunch wartime by five four weeks but with john koch and travis allen i'm happy with either one there they both got good masters years the fact that there two and three right now is almost a miracle it shows that our party is a lot more alive than people give him a break so who would have the best chance of those two going against newsom honestly either is good there is not a huge qualify travis allen is maya silliman i like each attracted smarties are great on the issue john i don't know real well he's had he's had a good solid campaign he talks about the attack against the middle class that's my theme i don't care about rich folks the poor gets lots of lots of welfare and they're reliable democrat voters but it's the middle class system and leasing physically leaving california that's my big concern and johncock speaks they're both good i wish one was running for governor yeah but who do you want to run for governor in that wish who would you have running for governor either and i mean that either i'm not i'm not playing a political horsehair both really good there's a lot of let me bring up in another thing and i'm talking with sean still for the republican national committee so people say that there's no chance for a republican to win in california that the democrats have this thing just locked up that we are truly the the left coast with what you are seeing make a case for why that is not the case two big reasons we've got two of the most dynamite issues gather that i've ever seen oh let's say ten maybe twenty years i had a handle an running recall against gray davis i i don't regret it.

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