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WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. I'm going back to the phones and go to Quincy where I can find Billy Billy good morning. The money. How you doing? All right billion you. Okay. You're looking for callers here. I am. Well, thank you. It going. Okay. Enjoy listening to your show. I find it very difficult to go to bed early one. You're on. Seen to stay up all night. Well, thank you. I can I can use the company. I know Jimmy, no anyways. Was the different topics tonight and one there, but the graffiti that reminded me of the time when what Stephen I we went over to see the milk break. The regio thanksgiving rivals. Yes. And we went over there. And as you know, the the Braintree walks the school cause a blue and the school colors for Milton red, okay and the locker door. Yeah. You guessed it outside the door the night before the thanksgiving game so practice painted the door blue. Okay. But that's hijinks. That had that. I thought that was funny. Yeah. That harmless that's not insulting to anybody in. Oh, it's like the Brady bunch episode where Greg and his friends stole the goat of the rival school. That's within the realm of good taste. Well, back in those days, you know, branchy Milton being maybe that was about the most excitement that we got back. Then right. Nobody ever did too much of anything else. But what was what was spray painted on the school was meant to be hurtful? And that was yeah. Yeah. And of course, you know, when I painted the door. They didn't do a good job either, Wisconsin sloppy. But we got the. We got the gist of it. Anyway. And that was sick. There's no wrestling one you had to. Yes. The different races back in the day. They were they were very entertaining to say, the least all of them were. Oh, yes. Sure. Sure today to it. I haven't been washing it too much lately. But I had a girlfriend that I was staying with her and and she would. And she would watch wrestling eight nine days a week of she could she could get up to watch wrestling because it was her TV watch. I had to watch what she had on, you know, right? It was hurt. She made the choice, right? You know? So I watched so much. Watch some before marched any says, but still the different one. I do remember, you know, Shawn Michaels was that was our favorite now when he retired, but he came back. He's back now. Yeah. They all do that. I know Teesta the animal. He was in a JAMES BOND movie the two years ago. Villain. I understand Joe's Josie. He's he's out of it. Now. He's in and out. He's busy making movies. Yeah. Sixteen time world champion. I know and the rock he was busy making movies. Very busy, very busy. And they they may say that it's fake, but they do get hurt. Oh, they all get hurt. What did they ever since? You were they when they when they move it. Michael got got up in the stashes about thirty feet up mayor what Geronimo jump down. Yes. Come on. Now, how do that, you know? They do it. Oh, do they ever watch that? I would Steve Austin. No, I don't know. Was that trucker that? He was spraying what it was. You know, supposedly, it was a bit truck could be took didn't even spraying everywhere. Things that do would the Bishop. Bishop got tossed in the dumpster Eric Bischoff. Yes, they do. The way I think I've said before but with the funniest of all was those Roddy piper. When he when he beat up sitting Lauper up to the met right that that had that had a bit of a one of the funniest things have all the rock and wrestling connection. I know it. I know it. Yeah. And I still think he's sick. So he was you know, haystacks Calhoun from Morgan's corner. Arkansas. He was like six pounds or something like that. Six. Oh three, but who's counting? The big show. Now, how does he think big shows up to? Way the big show. I think is in the upper four hundred 's okay. He's bit. I wouldn't punch him in the stomach. He's still big. I know I know what's his name. Something the his name. Wrestling. Bit bloggers is up in the what's his name. I kept thinking. Mean he's huge. He's current. He's from ten years ago. Remember nine years. Years ago. You could still be there. I don't know. Mark something Andrew what's name, black, Mark. He was like the he was a star. Mark henry. Henry he was given a big daddy. I think it was if you say, so I don't remember him. He was he was huge. The funding all the different ones that the accident. They put on the main. Quite calm ago. You know, they know how to hold an audience, right? And then of course, you know, RIC flair the nature boy. I don't wanna yell at the top of my lungs. But. Subdued. Ooh. You gotta beat the man, right? There you go. Yeah. Oh, yeah. All right. Billy. But thank you for the call. Okay. No problems. Okay. Thanks. Okay. You take care now. I will do. Billy. And I'm wondering if I have enough time. To go to Charles Charles. Hello. Show. How are you? Loudon loud and clear. Charles. I hear you. You made a mistake last night. What did I say? Jed clampett granny with jed clampett smother mother. Mother-in-law? Yes, exactly mother-in-law because jed jed wife. That was her mother. Okay. I apologize. I knew that double check. Because I always double check my facts people before. I correct somebody. Yeah. You made another mistake. But I can't remember what it was. Another night. Them without knowing what they are. Yeah. Okay. Charles. I just wanted to let you know. We'll charge much. The old stuff. All right. What was the name of the town where the Beverly hillbillies live before they struck it? Rich. I was hoping you would say that it was a small town outside of bug tussle. It's like saying you're from Boston. When you what was it simply? Okay. From a small town called simply. So there you go. All right. Anything else who believes you to bring up? Why are you here is that it? That's about it. I was I up anything else. I'll call you another Nate Charleston. First time I called. Okay. But one more thing before I go take my hand. Okay. Yeah. Long claire. Okay. You know that? Is being sold. I heard that. I just found out tonight. Was I drive a cab. And I was thinking somebody. I suggested that declaring chowder, and we got there, and it was close. Gogol? I said Sola say what sold. They said it was because of the fire. And then the owner, you know, when he he's going through, bankruptcy and divorce or stuff and. The old a lot of money. So, unfortunately. Yeah. Hidden gems of Boston. It's pulling down. It's a shame. Because that was one of the oldest Ristorante in Boston over one hundred years old, and they're only a few restaurants that have that kind of longevity. Yeah. Wait a few. Other restaurants is the unionized out. In america. No lane. Told us America no-name restaurant is over one hundred years because they started in nineteen seventeen Durgin park. So there are a handful. Have you been? Yes. I got to try them out one day before they something I wanted. I just wanted to try them out for the ambiance. All right. Charles. Thank you for the information and the phone call. There goes Charles if you wanna do a billion Charles and others have done. You wanna give me a call? You want to bring up a subject one of the ones that we've talked about or different subject come on. That's what we're here for to inform and entertain. So give us a call. When I say us, Andrew rich is here. Andrew I still can't grasp why people like to call me, Jordan. You heard you looked at me when when you heard him say that and I've given up trying to fight that fight me. I'm never gonna win. If. And could be the time slot, but Jordan hasn't done. This time slot in what three years now. Why ask why why bang my head against the wall? So. Within a minute of CBS news. Am we're at the halfway point of this show halfway point of weekend live, my name is Morgan and that person I was speaking to Andrew rich. So if you want to give us a call and talked about anything Red Sox winning the World Series. The. Tynan school and having all that nasty and racist graffiti written all over it. The guy. Was it Bauer? Sending sending. Those pipe bombs. The tragedy in Pittsburgh any subjects open to you. His CBS news CBS news update. One person is dead. Another missing after a walk lapse that an Amazon distribution warehouse in Baltimore,.

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