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With capital with yeah apple other labels and then you go in and we just did like little conference room be no performances acoustic lega full showcase. I feel like that's how they do it a lot of showcases now i think and i honestly i think they go so much more by social numbers like i don't think there was instagram. In two thousand twelve or was brand new wasn't there was maybe facebook yeah definitely facebook twitter but i don't think instagram definitely wasn't a big thing yeah so we went in. I played like one in two thousand twelve. Kelly didn't know was literally wearing only mascara and that was a big day goes wearing flats yeah. I mean just didn't know i didn't know and i think in some ways they found that charming. I didn't look like an artist yeah and that kind of came back to bite me too because i had a lot of learning to do about. I hate even saying saying it because i think you don't have to buy. I think you can do it your own way but i think there are just generally expectations that even if it's not a grammy like super pretty fashiony look you have to have an identifiable look. I agree with as an artist so especially then it was more like yeah you needed to look. You need to do your make your hair. I mean i was told hold on radio tour that i was expected to not wear pants like i needed to wear shorts or skirts. Oh wow that's a main to moment moment right jeeze but i think that it's changed just sick. I was hosting an event with ashley mcbride over the weekend and i love.

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