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Just look at the company package food to might be something might consider as well. Plus, it makes it so much easier to eat, you know, if you don't have to cut it up. You're so much. Oh, my. I did deliver service for some fruits and veggies, and it's just up to my intake. At the door right there instead of getting some sort of candy ice cream. I have. To get frozen. It's don't use it that we get not going to because that's what I was finding with my fruits where it's just like, I don't feel like this today. And what I did is like I have backup pineapples just in case. I have that sweet to drain. It may true. You don't get as much sugar. And it's just like, okay. So you're prepared. That's really what it's about being burger. And also if you do fruits that are getting a little old you can freeze them. I love doing like bananas or like blueberries anything. That's like, let's get a little freezes. Really? Well, see and save. Whatever I know with the twelve minutes athlete when you when you kind of giving that long-term support can people reach out to you directly on the app. Like how does that? How does the interaction work? Yeah. I mean, I try you know, as you probably know, I try to respond to as much as I possibly can get a little long, but like three social media. I'm very active. I try to answer my emails as much as possible. We have a Facebook group, that's like super active and supportive and free love for anyone doing. We have challenges in it. It's really cool. So those are always I we stayed. We're gonna how did you come up with twelve minutes? So this was like during that time, I still experimenting and everything and I was living in New York at the time working as a personal trainer at a gym. And I it was so snowy this one winter. And I like everything was shut down, and I couldn't get anywhere. So I was like, okay, I'm at home in my tiny apartment. That's about the size of the studio. What can I do how we're going to stay in shape? And I at the time I had a was single kettle Bill and a dip bar station, which like parallel bars, and I started putting together these little workouts. I I like interval timers. So my app has one or you can get one free or online or physical one, and I serve putting together workouts that usually were like six exercises. So 's the workouts that we typically do thirty seconds hard as you can and then ten seconds rest. And so it just happened to be twelve minutes. It's a good amount of time because hit workouts really should be no more than twenty minutes. Because after that, you're you can't work as hard. You can't sprint for twenty minutes. Yeah. So you're really going like moderate pace intensity after about fifteen twenty minutes. So twelve minutes, you can really just give it your f- suit. All that's where I started to come up with them. And I have to ask so you with Viga as well before Viga the company's what's your take on supplements and vegan protein versus non vegan protein supplements. You don't need them, but they can help their just convenience. So what I would recommend is just look at the ingredients your protein powder should not have thirty ingredients. Couple. You should be able to recognize what the words Tom if you can do that, probably good. You know, look at the company and see if they're trying to make something that's like good for your body. It's pretty easy to tell. Now, you know, if it's sold that like somewhere, like whole foods, probably pretty good. But just do your research a little bit. It just makes it easier. You know, you can have a smoothie after you work out put a little protein powder in it, and you're gonna help with your recovery. You don't have to you can cook a meal if you want, but if you don't have time for that, then it's just easier. More convenient option is really common sense. A couple times a week. The throwing fruits tastes good, really good. Really great product..

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