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Can represent any shot in any tournament that I made the cut in that tire season. So because of that half point in me going into into the tour. Championship is I I finished fourth in the Tour Championship? I, think rory maybe also finished tied tied for fourth or maybe type second I can't remember, but I ended up edging him out in finish, finished second and made three million dollars whereas. Finishing third and the fedexcup is two million dollars so. Also, if I had finished one shot worse at the tour championship, I would finish third on the Fedex Cup. Instead of second, so the way that you can look at that if I had shot one shot higher. In any of the tournaments that I played the entire season, it would have been a million dollar difference. Seems like you have thought about this that I have thought about this and I'm thankful that I ended up on the right on the right side of it, but yes one shot one shot difference in any tournament that I played in made the cut in the in the entire. Season would have been the difference in in a million dollars pretty crazy to think about that. Are you adding any of that? Upcoming down the stretch at the tour championship, or is it feel different and I know you've played in. You played walk-ups. You've played in Presidents Cups. You've played in majors, but that's what I'm trying to get at is like. Can you avoid? Money in that situation. Well obviously I didn't know that full scenario, but yeah I did know that it was looking like billy was was playing really well. He'd gotten off to a decently. On Sunday and I didn't know the exact breakdown of how all the fedexcup up stuff worked. But, yeah, it definitely was was in the back of my mind that everyone of these shots and every Birdie I can make and every park and save on I knew they were. Going to matter way more than just a normal normal event. Again, this is going back to my Our mutual friends source here, but he is telling a story about. You know when you won your first event. What was it called the Viking Viking classic that didn't have the classic Masters Invite attached to it, but when you got you one mcgladdery, you are exempt into Augusta and you guys. He tells a story and you guys were sitting around talking about how for the first time in your life ever? You could go and play Augusta national for. Anytime you really wanted to. What was that feeling like? That was you know growing up in Georgia being a golfer? I mean the masters, is it? You know it's everything and so. Yeah to be able to just call up the press shop and tell them you're common. I mean that's gets. That's incredible. I remember going over there at a decent amount. I wouldn't say I. I wouldn't say I wore out my welcome by any means, but was able to go over there. You know three or four times I think to. To go play golf, course and just Kinda. Get a feel for the place, a little bit better and try to be somewhat prepared for the. The shock of you know your first masters is a is a very different experience for sure. I'm supposed to get the story about how how you met your wife Yeah. My my wife and I met. On a blueberry farm in Mississippi. which is. Where everyone dreams being their wife, of course, I do that. Are you just hanging out at a blueberry farm and you meet her? I need to hear the details on that. So a good friend. Good friend of mine Klay Giles. We school together and also both went to Georgia. his girlfriend at the time was one of. My Life's really close friends still. So my friend clay, his family had a blueberry farm Mississippi, so we were all a bunch of us were all going down to new, Orleans for the sugar bowl. And so as kind of a good halfway point, so we met up there and spent the night, and you know wrote around four wheelers and two pistols outshot trees, and whatever just did a bunch of get old. redneck stuff and and hung out. It was a great time and that was. That was the first time I met her and. Yes I remember I was already graduated from Georgia and was about getting ready to start my rookie year on the then. Nationwide tours and to be. Web Dot Com tour Korn Ferry tour and yeah, it was a it was A. it was a group of people that I was pretty familiar with, but I remember being like. Who is she? You know why why? Why not seen her met her until right now you know It's a it was a pretty. It was pretty immediate attraction obviously in and we started dating, and and and the rest is history. Ten years of marriage and three kids later. Right well the rest of the stories they gave me or definitely off the record stories so that. The kids that I think ready for you. Other time rejoined the family, so Chris thanks so much for for taking the time and being so open about everything and really shine a light on things I know a lot of people ruin for you and are happy to see finding success and happiness again, so really appreciate the time. Thanks for having me happy do. Club. Right club today. That's. Better than most. About. That is better than. Most..

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