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Oh it's in new york thing then i found out there was wanted pits whereas what you're pass that the celera i think you the first two guests have ever had ciller a i been work the cell for twenty years twenty years and add for those a my arfan awad sure your fears over that is basically like the the east coast a comedy store i mean has to a degree harry similar very similar to let me ask you this um quick chat out to the stand in new york they gave me negative up to my until patrick again gave me my first ever new york city spot club and while him he had to fly there so you go to woody what do you do when you drop out of junior college uh i became a fitness trainer where thanks to the two i could see it i didn't know iit's good equinox to grade new york story i it was family fitness center on pico and roxbury and my first day uh dean martin's daughter dina martin was my boss awful name but it was just so weird like the six degrees of separation schick well stanley's sure instructor hill teach you everything downstairs so our downstairs and there's about a sixfoot two two hundred fifty pound black dude asleep on the life cycle and i wake a mob and a huge dong and it was stanley wilson the cincinnati bengals football player who i think the night before the super bowl did a bunch of blow so they suspended him and he can play in the game and so this is how far he fell he was a instructor family fitness in beverly hills how long you work at family fitness probably three years and then i went to the sports connection which if you've ever seen that movie perfect with john travolta jamie lee curtis that's a i went to worth the front desk there and it was wild there.

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