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So I know a lot of the couple people liking high school so she usually. Best friend. Chat out. So out, I'm GonNa go first because Sarah Nawaz normally takes off. So I wonder how I want to sit on my wife. Just for being a wife and doing her thing, you know what I mean so. abuel. Rashid I want to stop him out. He's actually doing some internships. There's organizations or look up a duo rashy on his on his facebook page. Check out what he's doing Eugene James There's a long. He just posted a or yesterday maybe a lawn care example through all by hotel side lady that was doing short story. that. was term her her hedges or something like that outside the whole tale who she was looks like somehow he has he has a lawn care business. He decided the guy on his heart to to just stop and try to help her out because it was hot outside these are struggling. So he got out and start helping her and he no this was the regional director of. E Comfort Suites, sweets that were that he actually helped out. So they actually gave them a contract multiple hotels based for him, getting out his car and doing some free works her just kind of. The is shot in your mouth and that story than. Because it is legit when you just have to put yourself out there. And when you do sometimes. Tenfold so that happened joy kikes they had a great barbershop conversation, the other night. So check them out square one business services jets for being what you are. You guys go squad is dog mortgage note Chris Evans t King Kings, baseball they want another argument. Yea. I was here down her watch baseball was. They do get away but it was around and they wind Kauffman Foundation for doing what they do Chess Inc for doing what they do in our relationship and our party data, and then also shot out to the porterhouse. Casey. Curricula. Class are Kober that early session they rock and roll so that's my shoutouts. You Donald stood almost whistle mine. Good. I still got good. I'm a I'm a go ahead and go here. I like to give a shout out to my wife Lauren Thompson with This place was pretty dealt. Chris Good Hurston fails. TJ Bam key. He did a song that was on our intro cabinet. we'll see Canada easy been with eight one, six day that's coming up. Tyrone Gathers Deanna. the libraries, riders, teachers. I like to shout out to earl. Watson Accuser. And that's my shouts for this week. Though I'm Marla with doing some big things gentlemen Still Second. Round Saint Louis Represent Who who, who's ex Morgan and you're GONNA go next. I mean you're next right here. So I mean you might as well. I found A. Ahead majority. So it's called PC boss Babes and usually when. Brings me a business group got like a Bright Pink? Kissy. Face on it or a high heel in the.

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