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Football is here the shell Pennzoil from sintus where we find Adnan Virk who like me starting tomorrow. Probably about eleven AM. We'll be embedded here in Bristol, Connecticut, watching nothing, but college football, the differences Adnan won't be leaving. I eventually will add in joins us on the shell Pennzoil from it signed what's up buddy. Kevin. Yeah, area. We say, said to make sure that you stepped out of the cafeteria and that you weren't a good cellphone reception area. Radio laugh is always a little bit wonky, right? I'm sorry. I felt no, not not not a problem. You Jesse Palmer, Joey gallery field Yates told me last night. You know, it's college football season when you see Jesse Palmer, Roman, the hallways here at ESPN. What's the game? You looking forward to the most tomorrow? And I'll give you the two options. Notre Dame, Michigan, Auburn, Washington, speaking of jesse's literally steps away from you right now locked and making notes of both of those games. You're right. I know feels is fired up as anybody to see Jesse patrolling. You're right. We're gonna be ready to go tomorrow. Notre Dame I think is fascinating order day why? Michigan I think is the one for me Kevin just because of the fact that they're switch scrutiny around both these programs to the story programs ever in college football, history, Michigan's first wizard, eight, six shape. Patterson's finally legit quarterback now for Jim Harbaugh who someone says in the hot seat considering his disappointing record against Ohio State and Michigan state's kind of a feeling of put up or shut up from Michigan and Notre Dame. I mean, listen to some people have them go the playoff or Trevor Madison that earlier today on ESPN Radi. Jio and my concern there was a brain whimpers to quarterback who can make plays this feet, but I haven't seen enough with his arm, but there's no question. I think Notre Dame's really good team strong schedule as always, but I'm right out of the gate to go Irish and wolverines. I think that's gonna be something special admin. We both know that real coach's coaching khakis. We both know they're real coaches Invite navigate. him. Eat a vitamin every day. It's called the stake. Okay. This guy's drinking milk like it's nineteen fifty four. So Jim Harbaugh is not on any hot seat. I think that's a store that's been created this summer as we're eagerly anticipating college football. Yes. His record against state and state hasn't been excellent. Play here, a play there, a punt fourth-down call. He's brought so much excitement back to Michigan and so much to the culture and has them in the conversation every year for the college football, playoff, do you genuinely believe that if say, Harbaugh loses his game tomorrow on the road at Notre Dame that people are going to be saying he should be fired. First of all, Ben always talk in Michigan. You always going to be so objectives. I'm glad. They come this. Into your question? No, I think they lose against Notre Dame, not not huge Jewish no-name, like I said, is it national playoff contender? I don't think many people think Michigan is going to win the big ten much less appear in the college about plants. You're right one loss won't ratchet.

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