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The sun starts to come out here on this tuesday morning let's see here more music as well gordon lightfoot an moore's coming your way so stay tuned for all of that kcc our timeline fortytwo cbs news update it happened last week but word is just getting out now attorney general jeff sessions was questioned by the special counsel's office in the russia investigation cbs's paula reid covers the justice department they're looking at evidence about whether or not the president the attorney general or anywhere else a tentative strapped justice when the fbi actor was fired that is specifically what they're talking to jeff sessions about in addition to anything he knows about the campaign in its relationship with russia should do senior legal analyst andrew cohen sues sessions has been a key player in the trump inner circle it's obvious why the special counsel's investigators would want to question the attorney general who plays such a key role in virtually every phase of the trump story from the campaign to the transition to the administration and i suspect that sessions was asked in depth about the way his accounts of his own contacts with the russians have changed over time cbs news update i'm steve cave tuesday night that sali be charger boys will hit the road and cuffy ninety five point three fm will follow this is the key by the chargers are in fort pierre to take on stand lake county ruffalo tip off as scheduled four seven forty five with the pregame to start at seven thirty the stanley connie buffaloes and selling huge charger trump parkview jim import pierre boy's basketball action tuesday night on cuffy ninety five point three fm.

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