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Could be released they say are very damaging to which which in turn overs nods would soon borrowers this is great concerns in all my god and the truth is they're up against the wall and they know that there are about to get fried yummy you have to move this elena when you see jim colmey tweet stuff far as i know nobody was specs jim call me anymore nobody on the left because he caused through the election nobody on the right because we believe in the middle of all this corruption so in jim colmey comes out in such tweeting you've got to respect the fbi found the fbi tell jim colmey shut up right and if our president trump by kick christopher aide says out of the fbi right for opposing the release of this i mean sunshine transparency let's let's put it out there for the people to decide where appropriate attacking on that on nina brought out arm when he heard about the fbi great compared with the release of the memo he sad you know of course are going to be i have grave concerns because it's showing abuse within their agencies however a lotta people i i will argue do say that they are also concerned about his thing off the fbi uh like we said some of our sources have said with the release of this memo if it ends up being an actual died but some sources have told us you know is it were risking this relationship yes the fbi and there's that is interesting ry suspense is building on the ground day friday down in dc elena train from axios on the imus in the morning show with bernie said we thank you for appearing an enlightening us on this topic you've got noriega yes or the elena train from axios on the ibis morning joe will come right back are the ainu this is more.

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