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And he might be great at this season. But are you renting him for a second round draft choice or a third round draft choice? Force, you know, six games and you're not gonna be able to sign up next year. You won't be able to be fortunate to be able to sign the players on your rust or you want for next year. You know, way. I know you're attuned to what fans say. And I know you know, we can put certain weight or not put certainly know what fans say. But what would you say to fans who are just close to this team, But our casual fans who say we're kind of tired of here and well, the's draft picks in two or three years will be great. And then next year, it's well. These draft picks and two or three years will be great. When there's only a window that's open so long, and it seems like they don't often aggressively go to help them today. Well, you know the thing I would say that when you're a general manager, you're looking you're making every move you make is not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. And that's a big part of it. So I understand. Hey, I'm like man I want them to get when free agency opens. I want the best defensive player want the best offense player. I don't care about price and all the other stuff. Really When your team with the salary cap and the general manager, you've got to think long term a little bit longer term than that. You're right on draft picks. I will say this what you do with the draft. It's kind of like thoroughbred racing in Kentucky. You breathe the best to the best and hope for the best you get as many draft picks you can you bring on as many as you can, and you hope for the best summer going to pan out. Some aren't and you know that's kind of the way it is. Kind of feels like that's the same way with the trade deadline too, right? I mean, I remember Mohamed Sanu being the target of the Patriots last year for a second round pick that didn't work out. I remember Emmanuel Sanders going to the Niners for 1/4. That didn't work out. It got him to the Super Bowl. It's a cautionary tale. Every which way, isn't it when it when he come to player acquisition? Yeah, and I think the 40 Niners would have made the Super Bowl without Emmanuel Sanders. They rented him. They got to the Super Bowl. He was fairly productive for them. He wasn't didn't knock. Anybody dies out. But he was good. No question about that. Greg and I guess when they look at you look at it that way. Yeah, that was a good move for them. But You know, trade deadline and free agent people. It's a really dicey situation as to whether they're going to work out in your locker room in your teeth, and that's the hard part. But I think that we expand on the outside looking in half because you're right. We would love to see well holler in the green and gold. I really would, but I'm sure there were extenuating circumstances that prevented that from happening it wait. Looking ahead to Thursday's game. We're still not sure about Aaron Jones and his availability. How do you imagine the snaps to be divided among the running backs? If Jones can't go? Well, you know, I think you're still start with Dexter Williams. You also bring Sprinkle in. I've obviously Tyler and that's what you have to do. Oh, maxim at those two guys, and you'll put together a game plan based on that, and I'm sure that you have a flooring company are doing right now. You know, that's all you can do, Greg and we knew there would be situations like this. It's not gonna be easy to get through this season. The Packers have been lucky so far, but this is a bad time. He's the voice of the Packers. Wayne Larvae are packers insider. Thank you so much, Wayne. Have a good day, guys. You know, Greg, I maybe didn't eloquently asked the question to Wayne, but I think I speak for myself. I get tired of, well, you know, the price was too high. We don't want to give up draft picks. The cat's going to be weird next year, so we don't know We want to sign our own guys. I get all of that. But sometimes don't you just have to go for it and sign somebody. Bill Bell upset just the other day when talking about the cap situation, said, Look, we have no money. And we won three Super Bowls went to another title game, right? I mean, they went for it, and it will raise the Packers have not typically gone for it with outside influences. The only trades they have made in the last couple of years were time Montgomery and Ha ha Clinton Dix and that was just to get rid of him. Yep, for draft picks, right? And you cannot look at this situation and the salary cap for next year and no, you gotta sign David Barty, Ari. You cannot look at it in a vacuum because when the Packers have the chance during the draft, they still didn't address it. So the only position the only wide receiver named body, they added, was Devin functions and he opted out. And there's a clear recognition that what they have is not good enough. The second pest best receiving threat is a running back. The third best receiving front is a tight end. The fourth best receiving threat is also a tight end. You've got to go a long ways to you get to the second wide receiver. So what remains Davante Adams? The Grand Canyon and the rest of the Packers wide receivers. It should help with Alan Lazard coming back, but you also need Aaron Jones on the field. There are enough weapons otherwise,.

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