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Second tweet he had like a couple of tweets. And they weren't. Really anything even remotely close to what Sarah Jong's were and so they they they they made them grovel Somebody some who is the, cool, is the absolute pansy That sent this to the Columbia. Daily Tribune who was the loser that was, out there. So jealous of drew lock that they're like I got I found. Some tweets he made when he was fourteen years old I'm going to go tell the newspaper wow You know it's probably someone who didn't even go to college and there are probably, flipping burgers, and living in their. Mom's basement you know and they were jealous and so they wanted to records career and the Columbia daily Tribune actually had the audacity. To run this as an actual news story why do? People hate the media example eleven defoliant. Into And so they went and they asked him about it They were like they wanted to, they wanted to they wanted to ask him about it And he, just he was a. Teenager on social media Garrick. Hodge by the, way actually was like people get over it, so good on Garrick Garrett good. On Garrick but. Why the hell even write about it People just need to get. Over it seriously, he was in eighth grade you epoch morons And so now everyone's trying to make him oh they he's got, to, apologize, and. He came out that I didn't intend to. Offend anyone with those messages, blah blah blah The fact that somebody anonymous like, tipped, off, the paper didn't have. To write about them at all but they did anyway so you know it's, kind, of, kudos He he publicized the tweets Garrick Hodge did but then he said, stop searching for offensive. Stuff especially when, they're teenagers stop it And You know what, the you know what this. Is a problem of this is a problem of people who want to ruin everyone's. Life people are horrible I am people are horrible. It just shows you how awesome Jesus says because I couldn't love you I'm sorry. There's no way People are horrible, they see somebody. Doing well and they, got a tear them down the people are jealous and insecure and they're awful week people sinful horrible people. And so. They want they. Decided to go after this college dude because of stuff he wrote when. He was. In eighth grade So. An eighth graders in particularly eighth grade boys Are there come on This. Is the problem though I. Think we're. Social media there's twofold. It's twofold. Over problem number one Social media tricks people into thinking that you have to. Update the. World on every aspect of. Your life and every time. The thought. Pops into your head. You don't Number two It's. Too, acceptable I I've always believed that kids should not be on social media Because adults are weird. And they put. Their, baggage on them and they attack them and it's just weird Now in some instances they are but I still you know I still I'm just like oh. Because not every teenager has the wherewithal to think this, is going to be something that stays with me even if I delete this tweet or this Facebook post this is going to be something that lives forever because the internet is forever And every bad decision every bad thing that they do as. They're at they're at the most impressionable points of their, lives is documented then they do it voluntarily and then it's used against them I. Think it's horrible to take something that somebody did when they. Were a teenager and use it against them as an adult That's crappy Adults. Are awful. They're awful And, that they were you know, like this and Sean Newcomb, and, what, does it. Washington nationals shortstop. Trae Turner all of these there were, teenagers when they were online and. This is the other thing parents know what your kids are. Doing online My kids are not allowed on social, media I've had weird really awful, horrible progressives, that have tried to set, stuff up and do you, know, they've, been that's. How bad people. Are I mean that's why I have, like we have to live my. Kids down because progressives out there hunt them But they're not allowed on. Social media and one of the reasons why is because there are people out there who think that it's. Okay to, hurt them because they dislike what their mom, thinks politically and also because you don't have great judgment when you're a teenager you don't have great judgment when you're in junior high why?.

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