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That is that increasingly, I just see lots of people wearing those because they're becoming more and more ubiquitous and it's very similar to me to the way that I phone or ipod really headphones were when the ipod I came out in the mid two thousand, which was he never you. People wouldn't wear the white headphones because you're like all of that asshole with their white headphones. They paid five hundred dollars for an MP three player or like that person's gonna get mugged because everyone knows that they're carrying an expensive ipod and then over time just now you just see everybody wearing those headphones and it's not like worth remarking on. It's not a thing. I kind of feel the same thing is happening with these because I see them everywhere. Now we're even six months ago I didn't, which is kind of nice because I do like wearing them and I don't want to look like an asshole. Become normalized to the point where I can just wear them. But anyways, surprise looks like a jerk. Then they're very, they're very apple though. In that way of, you're like, I don't need that. And then you know, you get it as a gift or something you're like, oh, this is surprisingly amazing. They're coupled with the phone that doesn't have a headphone Jack. So it's like, oh, instead of using the stupid adaptor I could just get these air pods and that's sure. But I mean, well, I have headphones that work with my thing, but not having cables on your not having a court on your headphones, especially not even having a cord, connecting them is really, really nice. I mean, the funny thing is that my I had, I have a pair of your the normal iphone, air pods, whatever they're calling, and the sensor must be broken or something because it'll just randomly activate the voice control and start skipping around in my podcast or like like, like setting it to super slow speed or something like that. The air. The thing that happens to me with these actually is that you can double tap them to get Siri. And sometimes if I'm wearing them when I'm eating, if I like take a bite of potato chip or something really crunchy thinks that doubled have to. Which is not a huge deal. Technology. All right. Why don't you give us our music pick? And then we will say goodbye. I'll write music. Pick this week is a song by metric metric has new album out, and it is called art of doubt. Metric is a Canadian rock. I think quartet trio court. Another Cortec bass, guitar, drums, vocals and keys, and they've been around for a while. They've got a million albums. They're really good. I'm sure a lot of our listeners know them this song which I really really like is called risk. And I wanna play a part from the chorus and talk a little bit about why like..

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